We all know that great content is king, but to truly engage your audience, your content must be creatively appealing. If you are a luxury brand, you will be judged by your digital output even more so than a traditional brand. Therefore, every piece of content you produce should reflect your brand’s true essence. It is important to promote uniformity across your branding, social media channels and overall digital presence.


So, instead of pushing content out as fast as possible, give a little regard to design. Nothing beats a great image to start a conversation with your audience. To get you started with your content marketing efforts, here are 10 creative ideas to show off your content marketing skills in 2014.



1. Infographic

Whether you have done your own research or you are using statistics from outside resources, an infographic is great to showcase original or trending data in a visually-appealing and engaging way. A brand can truly have fun with its infographics using bold design ideas or it can stay true to its branding with an elegant design. Here is an infographic designed for MY Starfire, a 178′ Benetti superyacht available for charter. We kept the look elegant to cater to the superyacht community.



2. Slide Shows

If you have mastered the art of using PowerPoint for in-house presentation, consider sharing some with your audience on Slideshare.net. Building your  presence on SlideShare is a great way to generate new leads for your brand.

If you have been creating amazing templates, turn them into lead generating tools by offering them in exchange for an email signup.


3. Prezi

What is Prezi? Well Prezi is the cooler, younger alternative to PowerPoint. One can create visually engaging storyboard that take you through a 3D visualization of a subject or timeline. With a Prezi, you can use a combination of images, words  and videos to lead your prospects on a path to discovery.


4. Tutorials

If your company sells a product or service that might require a real-life demonstration, think about creating a stand-alone or a series of tutorials that will guide the user through common problems of installation or utilisation. Tutorials can come in the form of a how-to-document, a short video or a slideshow but the most effective means of communication is by far the short video shared on YouTube.


5. How-to-Video

A How-to-Video is best used to answer commonly asked FAQ questions in a quick and effective manner. Create a short 15-30 second video shot with step-by-step segments and add narration to give your viewers additional helpful information about your product.


6. Webinars

A webinar addresses common questions and hot topics in your industry in a video conference setting. Each participant logins and listens to the internet class using the web or a telephone bridge line. Once the conference is over, you can record it and serve it on-demand as a lead generating source.


7. Create a Screencast

Through a short video that incorporates live motion computer screens, you can easily show the user what steps to take as well as explain a few extra details with the help of a narration track.  If your product is web-based, using a screencast is the most efficient way to explain the ins and outs to your prospects and clients.


8. Web Comics

If you dare, create a comic strip as a fun and shareable addition to your content marketing efforts. If you make it a recurring item in your strategy, be sure to offer a special subscription to gain valuable email addresses. If you don’t have a cartoonist on your team, find one on Fiverr.com. Check our personal avatar, created with just a few clicks on a button.





9. Co-Branded Offers

Find a sister company that offers compatible products and services to yours and start creating content together in the form of eBooks, webinars or infographics. Another way to create synergy is to write on each other’s blog redirecting traffic from one website to the other and vice versa.


If you suddenly have a brilliant idea for content marketing but lack the necessary resources to make it happen, reach out to us for a complimentary consultation. With over 2000 blog posts, dozens of eBooks and infographics under our belt, our team has become a leader in luxury and luxury travel content creation.



Roxanne Genier