In the modern world, operating in the virtual realm is appealing for a number of reasons. Many successful enterprises are using this alternative world as a platform for enhanced success. Everything from interviews and training to meetings, collaboration and planning can take place without people having to inhabit the same physical space. This has opened up a world of exciting possibilities, particularly for the travel industry. Agence Luxury is one such enterprise that takes full advantage of the virtual office. And here are the top ten reasons why we operate in a virtual environment:

1. Employees and contributors are free to work from anywhere where there is an Internet connection.
2. Travelling the world enables us to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the global luxury market.
3. We enjoy flexibility in terms of who we can employ and benefit from hiring from the global marketplace.
4. We have discovered creative and effective ways to collaborate remotely. We use Google Hangouts to communicate throughout the day, Redbooth to organize our operation and social media to maintain regular contact.
5. Not having any offices reduces our overall costs allowing us to pass on the savings to our clients.
6. A successful virtual office means that we are able to work for clients from around the world.
7. The strategic placement of employees around the world gives us a global presence.
8. We are explorers and using a virtual platform means that we are still constantly learning about the world around us.
9. This flexibility benefits Agence Luxury as have the ability to react quickly and efficiently on behalf of a client.
10. We believe that technology is bringing the world together and creating closer global ties. We want to be at the forefront of this movement and working in a virtual world enables us to be at the cutting edge.

Although it might frighten you, hiring a digital marketing agency that has completely embraces the digital environment will give you a new understand of the future. Digital is here to stay, and you can either embrace it or fall behind. We hope you decide to join us as we surf on this great digital adventure.

Roxanne Genier