These days there are many online tools that are designed to help you channel your creativity. The bonus is that these web-based services are easy to use and don’t require knowledge of complicated graphics programs. It couldn’t be simpler to design and create aesthetically beautiful images, products and design schemes. Here are 10 tools to help with creativity

1. Wordoid

Wordoid is an innovative site that helps you develop a catchy name for your new product, service, business enterprise or domain. All you do is enter in your specifications and Wordoid will generate several relevant names and their domain availability.

2. Tagul

Tagul enables you to create eye-catching word clouds. This service also enables you to print these word clouds on a range of products including postcards, mugs and clothing.

3. Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer does exactly what the name suggests: it helps you develop an effective color scheme based on any color that you select. There are a range of possible options, from complementary to analogic schemes.

4. Patternizer

Patternizer is a web tool that helps you to create colorful effective patterns with ease. The easy to use slide bars and menus enable you to design custom patterns to suit your preferences.

5. PicMonkey

PicMonkey provides fun and funky ways to edit your favorite photographs. Whether you want to touch up, edit, create a photo montage, or design an incredible image, this is the tool to use.


Easel ly is a great way to design and create effective visual ideas which you can then share. From posters to charts and diagrams, this is a great way to give your ideas a visual format.

7. Piktochart

PiktoChart enables you to create eye-catching infographics. You can select from the wide range of available themes, and then edit any or all of the elements to customize your infographic.

8. ReciteThis

Recite This takes any quote and turns it into a visual creation. Simple type in the wording of your choice and select a wide range of backgrounds and formats.

9. PinWords

Pin Words helps you to pin words to your favorite images. It’s the simplest way to effectively add your personal stamp to photos and images to create something striking and beautiful.

10. Designspiration

Designspiration is a great way to share all visual sources of inspiration that lead to great design. You can search, save and organize an endless array of photographs, typography, illustrations and images.

Roxanne Genier