After having published several eBooks, designed multiple infographics and sent out numerous press releases, you might consider yourself to be a content marketing expert. However, your prospects and clients might be looking for additional resources that you might not have covered in your previous offering. You have a blog that is a must in your industry,   so what else can you do?

To help you achieve a new level of success, consider adding the following content marketing products to fuel your offering.

1. Kits

If you have already created several white papers, slideshows, webinars and eBooks on a given subject, why not combining them into a stand-alone kit. Together they turn into a high-value content entity that will generate more leads for your company.

2. Excel Templates

Regardless of your industry, you have probably created amazing resources with Excel. Consider sharing your templates such as your editorial calendar, your sales calculator or your project management tools with your audience. These can instantly be converted into content offers to generate interesting leads.

3. FAQ Lists

Industry specific FAQ questions can easily be turned into content pieces such as an eBook, Slideshare, white paper or even an infographic. But amongst all, the questions should be found answered within your industry blog.

4. Re-Target Existing eBooks

If you have created content offers that are general in topic, why not re-target them to reach a specific segment of your audience. Vice versa, if you have specific subject eBooks, re-target them to reach the industry as a whole. Another idea is to re-target a piece of content to reach an audience that is influenced by a specific holiday or season such as Christmas, Valentine Day or Back-to-School.

5. Blog Bundles

Create a comprehensive ebook can often be as simple as packaging several interesting blog posts into a single document. If you plan ahead with an editorial calendar, you can maximise your content creation by drafting your text to suit several content style.

6. Customer Testimonials

Even if you have extremely satisfied clients, it is often hard to get them to give you a testimonial. Inspire them with a contest or  giveaway, then use the gathered information to win over new clients. Present the information in an eBook, slideshow, or even a video.

7. Create a How-Not-To List

Sometimes addressing the negative way of doing something can actually create a positive piece of content offering. A Hoe-Not-To-List can help you reach your prospects who are simply trying to understand what not to do.

8. Review Other Products and Services

Providing insightful reviews of the tools, technologies and tactics used by your company can give your prospects a behind-the-scene glimpse into your curation process. Review products that are not in direct competition with your offering to  provide assistance to those who face similar issues.

9. Competitive Comparisons

How does your product or service compare to others in your industry? Provide comparison sheets to give an overview of the features to help prospects compare more than just the price. Use the sales tool as a source for lead generation.

10. Publish a Press Release

Gone are the days when you needed to have major news to send out a press release. Nowadays you can send them out regularly to complement your content marketing strategy. Press release are a great way to show your industry that you have much knowledge to share.

11. Interview an Expert

Take your content strategy to the next level by interviewing an in-house or industry expert. Choose a topic that will likely attract and engage your prospects and customers, carefully plan your questions and offer the special podcast as a lead generating offer.

To complement your current content marketing offering with any of these channels, reach out to us for a complimentary consultation. With over 1000 blog posts and dozens of eBooks and infographics under our belt, our team has become a leader in luxury and luxury travel content creation.


Roxanne Genier