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This is who we are

Agence:Luxury is a digital agency that connects luxury brands with luxury fans through seamless integration of branding, content marketing, creative design, web design, publishing and social media solutions. To generate the highest impact, we tell the story of your brand by featuring its unique personality in every action we take.

Our digital showroom,, showcases our skills to generate high-quality and relevant content that appeals to both the luxury and luxury travel consumer. Through we attract over 45 000 targeted unique monthly visitors and through our social media channels, we reach over 50 000 luxury fans.

As a team, we used our skills to build LuxeInACity‘s reputation as a leader in luxury and luxury travel information. We did it for ourselves to show our clients that we can also do it for them. We strongly believe that our success is attributed to our focus and dedication to our core brand values and to our expertise in luxury.

This is why we do it

With mass-consumption and mass-delivery, luxury has unfortunately lost its luster. New luxury is not about price, excess or pedigree, but about personalization, customization and above all an intimate and unforgettable experience. The face of luxury is becoming more subtle or “in-the-know” and less ostentatious with its once coveted logos.

Luxury fans are searching for meaningful experiences that can be shared with others rather than focusing on expensive items that can easily be discarded. And above all, we believe that the ultimate definition of luxury is time, time to spend enjoying the finer things in life in company of those who we cherish above all.

For Agence:Luxury, redefining luxury starts by identifying boutique brands that stay true to this new definition of luxury and by helping them reach out to the luxury fans from the world over.

This is who we do it for

Agence:Luxury keeps its focus on luxury and is highly specialized in superyachts, luxury travel and boutique luxury brands.

Why superyachts? Because our founder, Roxanne Genier, spent five years sailing the world working on superyachts such as MY Apoise, MY Anna, MY Her Honor, MY Ohana and MY My Iris. Her co-founder, Maxine Genier, has also spent 6 months working onboard MY Imagine. Together they know the superyacht industry from the inside out and can therefore express a superyacht or yachting brand”s uniqueness through branded channels and campaigns.

Why luxury travel? Because our team has traveled to over 80 countries making us experts from Asia to Europe to America and the Middle East. LuxeInACity operates in a 100% virtual environment with no static corporate office. Our team is constantly traveling the world in search of new boutique luxury brands and unique travel experiences to feature on LuxeInACity. We live and breathe luxury travel, therefore we can convey it to other luxury travelers.

Why boutique brands? Because we believe they truly define luxury by providing unparalleled experiences to their patrons, by never compromising on quality and by servicing with great care and attention to details. Boutiques brands deserve the media’s attention and Agence:Luxury wants to bring them to the fore-front of online luxury.

This is who we target

Focusing all our efforts on creating content with a focus on luxury and luxury travel, we have become specialists in attracting the affluent consumer & traveler from the world over. We target the educated, well-traveled, high-income individual who has a taste for the finer things in life. We understand the ultra-high-network individual that values time more than money and that prefers experiences over sought-after products with no personality. We cater to that hard-to-reach yet very coveted luxury consumer.

This is what we achieve

We work hard to always surpass our client’s expectations. How? By acting as a brand’s digital concierge, we find solutions to problems that have yet been identified and by creating a brand that is loved and respected, we create brand awareness, customer acquisition, lead generation and an overall increase in revenue.