Some of the wealthiest and most affluent individuals today share one thing in common, and it isn’t the size of their bank accounts. There are many habits that the affluent all share, and if you are looking to have a comparable amount of success within your life, then understanding the habits of the affluent is important. With an understanding of the life and habits of today’s wealthiest individuals, you too can start adopting habits that can lead to a more successful life.


Eating Less Junk Food and Exercising More

A study from Tom Corley revealed that wealthy individuals eat less junk food and exercise more. While healthy food is more expensive, many times a healthy diet will prevent costly health issues from forming. This study went on to say that approximately 76% of wealthy people tend to engage in aerobic exercise at least four days a week.


Developing a Goal Oriented Attitude

Studies have found that wealthy or affluent individuals do not procrastinate and tend to be more goal oriented. Procrastinating can be a hard habit to break, but it is a crucial one to abandon in order to find the type of success that the affluent have. In fact, a recent study revealed that 80% of wealth people are focused on accomplishing a single goal, while 12% of poor people have the same attitude.


Focusing on Continued Learning

Studies have revealed that nearly 90% of wealthy individuals read at least 30 minutes a day for educational purposes or career related ventures. Approximately 86% of these affluent individuals also claimed that they love to read. The study went on to reveal that approximately 63% of these affluent individuals also listen to audio books during their commute.


Staying Organized

A recent study on the habits of affluent individuals when compared to poor people, revealed that wealthy people tend to keep a ‘to do’ list, with 81% of affluent individuals maintaining a ‘to do’ list for their every day activities. On the other hand, only 19% of poor people do this.


Watching Less Television

A study of wealthy people recently found that approximately 67% of wealthy people watch an hour or less of television every day, and only 6% of wealthy people watch reality television.


Waking Up Before Work

When it comes to maintaining a successful routine, studies have found that approximately 44% of affluent people will wake up three or more hours before work. This is a habit that only 3% of poor people engage in.


Start Networking

In order to reach a successful stage of their lives, many affluent people have placed a great deal of emphasis on networking. According to a study on the daily routines of wealthy individuals, nearly 80% of wealthy people spend five or more hours a month networking.


These are just a few of the many habits that studies have found that affluent individuals engage in. Those looking to improve their current status and to start adopting habits that the affluent have may want to consider incorporating these habits into their everyday lives.

Roxanne Genier