THe future of Luxury Marketing

The Future Of Luxury Marketing

If we agree with various reports presented by leading luxury research firms on the future of luxury marketing, luxury consumption is slated to grow exponentially over the next decade, as the number of luxury consumers is said to see a remarkable increase from 380 million in 2014 to 440 million in 2020. Moreover, consumers will remain to be the main driving force behind this extraordinary growth of the luxury brand market as the overall spending of consumers, according to various reports, might see a huge spike from $985.5 billion today to nearly $1.2 trillion by 2020.

The statistics, according to several new reports, presents a golden opportunity to marketers of luxury brands to market their brand to both core luxury customers as well as to new luxury customers.


The Luxury Market is going the ‘China’ Way

The China market seems to have, finally, shoved aside America and Japan, by slowly taking over as the world’s largest luxury market. With heftier paychecks, desire to show off new found wealth, the appetite for designer clothes, handbags, watches and shoes in the Chinese consumer, the Chinese luxury market is poised to take over as the leader of luxury world.


Better Brand Visibility

These days more and more shopping is done online, making it important for brands to create better brand visibility, enhanced communication, and exchange of information. Luxury brands must adapt their offering by providing a digital experience that is tailored to suit the discerning needs of various customers. While some customers use the internet to access information about the price or features of luxury products, most of them, especially the younger generation, use digital media to interact with the brand and its followers on social media, to access brand content from various sources, and to follow  upcoming trends.


Mobile will lead

In addition, mobile platforms and brand applications are also having a huge impact on the luxury buying preferences of customers. These applications are making it easier for luxury customers to closely associate themselves with brands. Moreover, there are also reports to suggest that traditional forms of marketing have made a comeback, as word-of-mouth and advocacy seem to have a major impact on the buying decisions of customers, more than advertising and magazine ads.


The success of luxury marketing will lie in having a great marketing-mix merging traditional, digital and social marketing techniques, reaching old markets and new markets, but above all, luxury brands will need to create remarkable experience by reinforcing their relationships in the digital space.


Source: ReutersJingDailyThe Wall Street Journal, and Luxury Daily


The Difference Between Basic And Luxury Goods

Creating an effective branding strategy for luxury items presents a unique challenge. There is an inherent difference between the way experts promote a basic item and the way they promote luxury goods, and understanding this basic difference is essential to the success of any branding effort. The average luxury brand is timeless, offers selective ownership opportunities, and comes with high price, which can be difficult in terms of branding. No matter what the specific product may be, promoting a luxury brand over a basic brand typically involves a completely different approach to creating a strong brand reputation or personality.


Branding Towards the Right Target Audience

One of the first and most significant differences between basic and luxury goods in terms of branding, lies in the target audience the effort is being directed at. With basic goods, the target audience of consumers tends to be broad and the goods can be marketed to a larger array of potential buyers. Many times, with basic goods, a key branding approach lies in convincing audiences that anyone and everyone can and should be able to buy the product. However, with luxury brands, the approach is quite different, as exclusivity comes into play when establishing the target market of consumers. Instead of focusing on a broad group of potential buyers, luxury brands focus on marketing to the narrow percentage on individuals that can actually afford the product.


A Focus on Price

No matter what the item or the cost, price is an important defining feature when it comes to branding a product. With basic goods, typically lower prices are emphasized while higher price tags are justified with added features and benefits. However, with luxury brands, price takes on a different meaning, as it typically acts as a tool that once agains adds exclusivity to the product, or limits the access to the brand. A high price tag on a luxury item is seen as a positive instead of a potential deterrer, and many times is used when it comes to developing a memorable brand personality.


Product Communication and Distribution

The way in which messages are distributed and communicated differ when it comes to branding basic goods rather than promoting luxury goods. When branding a basic item, mass communication is often used to inform the public about the brand. A variety of channels are used to distribute the message as well, as the goal is to create widespread appeal. Typically messages that promote basic brands appeal both to the rational side of consumers as well as their emotions. However, with luxury brands, more selective communication methods are typically used.

Ultimately, the goal with communicating the benefits of a luxury brand lies in the desire to educate consumers, instead of informing them about the existence of the brand. The distribution of these messages is also more selective, as they are typically only sent out through exclusive channels.

Those who in charge of brand management for a luxury brand know that while every brand is different, branding a luxury product is all about creating the right story and capturing the essence of the product in a way that appeals to today’s luxury shopper.

Registering Dot Luxury Domains

The .Luxury is an all new generic domain extension which aims to speak directly with luxury buyers who are looking for high-end and ultra luxurious products. The new .luxury domain aims to help luxury brands further their status as luxury brands but we sincerely doubt it will make a difference.

Recent reports suggest that the ‘who’s-who’ of the luxury industry such as Gucci, Chanel, Bulgari and more are registering a dot luxury domains. This new .Luxury domain can, perhaps, bring the luxury industry’s fragmented online presence together and give it a common name and a centralized presence.

The organization responsible for the domain name launched a system that allowed generic top-level domain names in 2012. Initially, most top-level domains had only .com at the end of their URL. Now in the initial sunrise period of the .luxury registration, more than 500 luxury brands have already registered and secured their .luxury domain name. Presently, in the rush hour period, non-trademarked brands have applied for registration – for a premium price. If the domain name gets more than a single entry, it will be auctioned to the highest bidder. From September 19th, the .Luxury domain will be available to general public on a first-come-first-served basis.

The .Luxury Company is offering a dedicated platform for all luxury brands to collaborate and interact with one another. It has also laid down certain strict rules and regulations that prohibit and penalize counterfeiting and cyber squatting.

Regardless of the luxury product you deal in – haute couture clothes, exotic cars, superyachts,  or stylish home furnishings – does a .Luxury website tell your consumers that you are the best at what you do? We don't think so. Luxury is about experience, customization and above all relationships. Having a .luxury at the end of your name does not make you luxury. But, like all other luxury brands out there, we might have to get on board with this new trend and secure our domain. It would be terrible for someone else to manage I would simply have nightmares...

If you want to learn more in order to make up your own mind, visit

Ten reasons to brand your superyacht

Ten Reasons To Brand Your Superyacht

Your superyacht is the apogee of perfection, but then again, so are all the others luxury yachts of this world. So much care is given to a superyacht's design, amenities and layout that, although different in style, they tend to be somewhat flawless. We know; we have worked on several superyachts as crew. Therefore, we understand yachting from the inside out.

If you seek to generate revenue from your superyacht by chartering it a few times a year, you might consider hiring a charter management company to do all the legwork. This is great but don't forget to brand your superyacht in order to stand out from the fleet.

Just for fun, we have looked up hundreds of superyachts, ranging from 120' to 220' and up, and noticed one alarming fact: less than 10% of charter yachts have websites! Also, it seems like the average superyacht with a website hasn't updated it in many years, making their digital presence old school. Most luxury yachts don't use social media, and most don't do any type of digital marketing at all.

So, in case we have picked your curiosity and you want to learn more about branding your superyacht, read on.

Branding is what takes your superyacht from a stand-alone boat and turns it into a living entity. It gives your superyacht its unique personality, a personality with a compelling story. Branding also gives your superyacht a meaning, unifies its existence and creates an overall effect on your desired market, the Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individual.

As a general rule, your brand is what everyone else says it is. By giving it a storyline, you help everyone understand that your superyacht is a lot more than its jet skis and sun beds.

To help you understand the reasons you need to brand you luxury yacht, here is our Top Ten Reasons to Brand Your Superyacht.


1.Tell a Story: There’s a great story behind every superyacht.

A superyacht is nothing without its crew and captain. They live, breathe & love every inch of “their” superyacht. You must, therefore, tell the story of your yacht through the eyes of its crew.


2. Evoke Emotions: Build the dream by showcasing the lifestyle.

As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, but what can be said about a video? Wouldn’t it be worth a million words? Get creative with your branding and engage potential guests from every angle. Don't focus so much on your superyacht's characteristics, put the emphasis on the overall charter experience.


3. Promise Service: The crew is a superyacht’s finest asset.

It’s not all about the number of jet skis, sun beds, or staterooms. A superyacht is the apogee of luxury living yet little is known about its impeccable service.  Showcase the crew and you showcase the yacht.


4. Tailor Bespoke Retreats: Every yacht offers a unique escape.

A superyacht is the ultimate gateway to the finest destinations.  Create itineraries that inspire action and stand out from the rest. No one wants to be given a "time to wake up". Engage your fans with your luxury living expertise.


5. Create Preference: Build loyalty and keep them coming back.

Provide key emotional experiences that patrons will want to enjoy time and again. Don’t just drop them off at the airport and forget them, keep them engaged for years to come.


6. Express Luxury: Verbalize the distinct style of your superyacht.

Family, Adults, Business; American, European or Asian. Your crew can do it all, but what is your superyacht's personality. Verbalize the tangible differences to attract the desired clientele.


7. Delight the Senses: Your chef is your secret ingredient.

Make them salivate and drool over your chef’s tantalizing dishes. Pair it with a delightful wine to enhance the overall effect. Get your chef active on land to introduce the yacht. Win them over with your delectable offering.


8. Entice Summertime Fun: Show your water sport skills to get them excited.

Nothing beats a day playing in the sun with the deck crew. They are experts in water sports and able teachers. Let them showcase their talent to inspire adventure.


9. Offer Uniqueness: It’s all in the details.

Now, let’s talk about the yacht’s unique offering. Its beach BBQs, its Jacuzzi and pool, its steam room and gym. Its staterooms and dining options.  Remember, it’s not all about facts and numbers. It’s all in the packaging.


10. Building an Identity: One Yacht, One identity. No mistake should be made.

Potential patrons are exposed to a hundred or more superyachts before making their final chartering choice. The question is, how will they recall yours?

If you are considering branding your superyacht, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a one-on-one consultation. In the meantime, check MY Starfire's website and social media channels to see our expertise first hand.



Top 10 American Luxury Magazines

Top 10 Luxury Publications Targeting The Affluent American


While a significant section of the publishing industry has moved in a digital direction, those who target affluent Americans continue to create luxurious, sophisticated printed magazines for their consumers. These luxury publications cater to a specific group of elite readers and operate with the unique goal of exuding opulence with every turn of the page. These publications are not only written to engage today’s affluent American, but to offer a stunning piece of art work readers can hold right in their hands, and use as their personal gateway into the world of elite living.


These high-end lifestyle magazines have become a lasting staple in the world of luxury branding, and continue to successfully engage elite consumers. This prevalence in the market has made these publications a popular communication for luxury brands who want to advertise directly to their target consumers. Here are ten of the most influential luxury lifestyle publications available on the market today.


Robb Report 

This monthly magazine has been in publication for over three decades and displays products and services from the world’s leading luxury brands. With themed editions that include their annual “Best of the Best” issue, this magazine has a longstanding following of dedicated readers.

top 10 luxury publications


Upscale Living Magazine 

Known as the “portal of luxury goods” this upscale magazine is an exclusive publication that touches on everything from yachts and private jets, to real estate and fine jewelry.

top 10 luxury publications 1


Modern Luxury CS 

As one of the most popular magazines in the Modern Luxury collection of publications, CS has a readership of more than 270,000. Twelve issues a year are circulated to events, luxury hotels and those who have paying subscriptions.


top 10 luxury publications 3


Niche Media

As one of the most popular Niche Media publications, LA Confidential offers readers with an inside guide on how to live like the rich and famous.


top 10 luxury publications 4



This high end American Express magazine is distributed only to the company’s Platinum and Centurion card members. Seven issues a year focus on the globe’s leading luxury brands.


top 10 luxury publications 5


Black Ink

This invitation only magazine is offered only to the highest level of American Express cardholders, and is associated with the brand’s infamous Black Card. Four issues a year focus on single topics that cater to the affluent reader.


top 10 luxury publications 6


Global Living Magazine 

The tagline for this magazine is “living luxuriously worldwide,” and it focuses on offering six yearly insights to the most high-end travel destinations across the globe.


top 10 luxury publications 7


Afar Magazine 

Voted as the top travel magazine in the world, this publication offers seasoned, affluent travelers with insight into the globe’s most luxurious destinations.


top 10 luxury publications 8


Travel and Leisure

This monthly magazine has been around since the 1930s. Now owned by American Express Publishing, Travel and Leisure focuses on offering monthly articles and travel photography of the world’s most upscale environments.


top 10 luxury publications 9


Elite Traveler 

Six issues of this publication are released every year to readers who have an average household income of $5.3 million. The publication is aimed at the ‘elite affluent’ and more than 90% of the distribution of these magazines are inside private jets and first class airline lounges.


top 10 luxury publications 10


Did we miss your favorite luxury publications targeting the affluent American? If so, add your favorite print magazine in our comments.

Meet - Infulential Affluent Customer Research

The cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy lies in the ability to reach a large customer base. One of the most powerful and influential classes of market that both the marketers and the brands cannot afford to overlook is the affluent group. This upper class has been growing exponentially over the past few years and has come to occupy a large portion of the market share – representing more than 25% of any country's top income levels. They demand attention, they are influential, and their purchasing power makes them the crème de la crème of the market.

The United States of America has the largest pool of affluent customers, followed closely by Europe. Moreover, reports suggest that, within the next decade, Asia will be home to over a billion affluent customers. This kind of market share cannot be ignored by brands and marketers. Understanding these Affluent customers - their capacity for influence and their decision-making power - is going to help in staying competitive and relevant in this changing global scenario.

Reaching out and connecting with this elite group has become a must for marketers and brands worldwide. Existing market solutions such as offline surveys are not going to be helpful, as they are lengthy, expensive and inaccurate. That is where comes to your aid. With a platform built by one of Asia's leading research firms - Agility Research and Strategy - the processes of research and market survey are made easier, simpler and far more accurate than ever before. The Affluential tools give brands an accurate insight into the decision-making minds of the ‘Influential Affluent’ spread across the globe. This customer group influences the market and the buying decisions of others, and defines the way a brand is going to be received in any market. Regardless of whether you are planning to sell a handbag or a sports car, Affluential gives you access to Influential Affluent customers who form a major segment for brands and markets to target.

Affluential lets you create powerful surveys and reach out to global panels of affluent customers easily. Affluential recruits these customers using various innovative methods – CEO referral campaigns, luxury publisher tie-ups, frequent flyer programs, clubs and financial services. These members then undergo a rigorous verification process to make sure that you get the right respondent profile to get accurate and quality results. This database is refreshed, updated and verified regularly so that you get high quality results from the Influential Affluent.

With access to more than 25% of any global market, every marketing manager, owner, business planner, or a consultant sitting anywhere in the world, can fine-tune their marketing strategy and approach it in a better manner. With a fast lead time, diverse global reach and efficient research methods, Affluential takes away the most cumbersome and complex market research process and provides luxury brands with fast and accurate results for better strategy-making.

With a huge database of more than 38 million affluent respondents from around the world, access to the global consumer’s mind is at your fingertips. This mammoth-sized database can easily be filtered by country and income levels. With rich charts, custom-made questionnaires, expert opinions of consultants, multi-language capabilities and easy payment modes, reaching out to Affluent customers is made easy. makes sure that the world is an open playing field for all businesses and brands allowing you to make sure your products reach their target customers without any hassles. Affluential brings its expertise, experience and global market insight to your fingertips.

Don't hesitate to browse Affluential 's website to learn more about their luxury consumer research services, or if you need an introduction, simply reach out to us.


Bespoke Luxury Definition

Bespoke Luxury: What Does It Mean?

Not too long ago, nearly all luxury brands prided themselves on their intimate knowledge of what their customers preferred. The phrase “the usual, Madam?” was as common in affluent circles forty years ago as Louis Vuitton handbags are in the hands of young fashionistas today. Once upon a time, every luxury brand understood that they were targeting la crème de la crème. They needed to provide the utmost level of service to satisfy the particular needs of these discerning buyers.

Now, the scenario is very much different. It seems that popular "luxury" brands think that by adding strawberries to a cup of cream makes for a luxurious experience. The arrival of mass consumption luxury items might satisfy the common "luxury shopper", but truth be told, it simply does not satisfy the ‘exclusivity itch’ of those who deserve the finest.

To scratch that itch, we need to turn our attention to boutique luxury brands, brands that offer bespoke luxury in lieu of mass consumption products. These brands stay true to the real definition of luxury by catering to individuals rather than the mass. But what exactly is bespoke luxury? Let's explore the concept further more.


Bespoke Luxury Unveiled


The true meaning of bespoke luxury isn’t found in the common dictionary. A good starting point to understand its true meaning would be to use this example: Think of a master drafter drafting patterns from scratch - without using a base or master pattern - to create products that match individual tastes and requirements. This is bespoke.

To further understand the concept of bespoke, we need to explain the fine line that distinguishes bespoke from made-to-measure products. When a client likes an existing product but needs to alter it to his individual needs, we call this custom-fit or tailor-made.

Bespoke stems from creating something truly unique for  an individual, something that will not be duplicated in the future.  In terms of garments, bespoke comes from being able to select everything from the fabric to the cut to the color to the finish. The price says the rest. This is not custom-fit; it is custom-built.


The How of Bespoke Luxury


Bespoke is not only about clothing. Select luxury brands cater to the discerning consumer in every industry. Think of Feadship, the Dutch superyacht builder which created the utmost  yacht; or of Calzature Marini, a small boutique brand in Rome creating shoes one at a time.

The derived value of a bespoke luxury product increases manifold because it resonates with individual tastes, choices, ideas and needs rather than popular trends or accepted standards. Now, imagine a bespoke item, say a suit made to fit your exact measurements and to your painstakingly crafted specifications. Would this be your ultimate power suit? Or would you prefer to buy a mainstream Hugo Boss suit instead?   Bespoke is a custom-built product, but it will only take on the aura of bespoke luxury if it gives you true value and perfectly complements your personality and style.

Luxury is out; bespoke luxury is in. To stay.


( Top Image Background Source)


Top 10 Superyacht Superyacht Builders

Top 10 Superyacht Builders To Make Your Dream A Reality

From the design, type, speed, length and amenities, there are a lot of details to think about when purchasing a custom-made superyacht. Having worked aboard superyachts for several years, I got the chance to experience their luxury amenities and their layout first hand. Whether you have a design in mind or are starting from scratch, below is a list of the top 10 superyacht builders with years of experience turning their client’s visions of their ideal superyachts into reality.

1.     Feadship

Feadship, which stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, is recognized as the world leader in pure custom-built yachts. Based in the Netherlands, the company launched more than 250 superyachts since 1949 and specializes in newly built motoryachts between 40 and 100 meters.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Feadship

Personal Note: I had the pleasure to be a member of the launch crew of MY Anna, a 220' Feadship masterpiece. If you look closely at the picture below, you will see me at the helms of  MY Anna, docking her in Marmaris, Turkey. What an experience!! 




  2.     Lürssen

A family business since 1875, this Germany-based leading shipyard has built more than 13,000 boats, ships and yachts, and specializes in building new yachts between 60 and 150 meters.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Lürssen

Personal note: I was a member of the launch crew of MY Apoise, a 220' Lurssen superyacht with the best crew accommodations I have ever seen. Lürssen does understand the importance of the crew and treats them like members of their extended family.  


  3.     Heesen

Founded in 1978, Heesen Yachts is dedicated to its company motto of providing one key principle: “The Performance of Luxury.” The Netherlands-based company builds and designs modern luxury superyachts with cutting edge technology, and is a leading builder of aluminum luxury yachts.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Heesen

Personal note: Heesen recenly launched MY Galactica Star, which I had the pleasure to tour in Monaco. Although I have never worked aboard an Heesen superyacht, MY Galactica Star is a dream! It's beach club is by far the best I have seen. 




 4.     Perini Navi

Based in Viareggio, Italy, the Perini Navi Group is made up of four companies that operates in five specific markets: large sail yachts from 40 to 60 meters; large sail yachts more than 60 meters; a racing line of sailing yachts, a fast cruising line of sailing yachts, and Picchiotti motor yachts.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Perini Navi

5.   Trinity Yachts

Located on the Gulf Coast of the United States, Trinity Yachts designs, engineers, builds and delivers custom yachts at one facility. The company can build designs up to 123 meters, and is one of the elite builders of custom superyachts with focus on European quality, steel and aluminum constructions.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Trinity Yachts

Personal note: Maxine and I both worked aboard a Trinity superyacht. Maxine was actually a member of the launch crew of MY Imagine. She spend several months at the shipyard prepping the yacht for this maiden voyage. She loved her experience. I worked aboard MY My Iris in the Hamptons for a season. The yacht was exquisite.

6.   Amels

In 1982, Amels became a global brand leader in yacht building and has since then launched more than 30 custom yachts. Located in Vlissingen, Holland, the company builds custom superyachts, as well as limited edition superyachts for clients who want luxury yachts in less time.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Amels

7.   Christensen

In 1982, Dave Christensen set out to build his own yacht after failing to find a builder up to his standards. Three years later, Christensen was incorporated to build luxury yachts and his company now has the capabilities to build yachts up to 65 meters in length.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Christensen

8.   Oceanco

Oceanco has been designing and building large luxury custom yachts since 1990. Although their shipyard is based in the Netherlands, they also have design, sales, marketing and administrative offices in Monaco.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Oceanco

9.   Blohm & Voss

Founded in 1877, this German shipbuilder is known for building naval vessels and sophisticated megayachts. For existing superyacht owners, Blohm & Voss’s facilities offer the space to refit and repair luxury vessels up to 300 meters.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Blohm & Voss

10.   Benetti

Voted as the world’s leading builder of custom mega yachts by ShowBoats International magazine, Benetti was founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873 and has built nearly 300 boats since then. The company is headquartered in Viareggio, Italy, where they build semi-custom composite yachts and custom steel and aluminum yachts.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Benetti

Personal note: Since MY Starfire's captain is both a patron and a good friend, I sailed from Fort Lauderdale to Miami aboard MY Starfire. Although the weather was rough, she handled it like a charm. Her sundeck is truly a great space to enjoy the sea-salt air.




If you are considering building or chartering a new superyacht, reach out to us and we will gladly point you in the right direction. We regularly keep in touch with the best in the industry.

Luxury Brands must Embrace the Digital Lifestyle

Living A Digital Lifestyle

Luxury is a concept that is hard to define. For some it is merely the opportunity to send children to school while for others it's all about owning that second superyacht. Regardless of your social status or your cultural background, our society prizes two concepts of luxury above all else: money and free time.

The idea for this article came about when I was asked by a friend why I did not seek an outside investor to fund our growth like I once thought I needed to do. Sure, the additional funds would be more than welcome, but the mere concept of losing my freedom made me shiver. When I was young, I dreamt of living a luxurious lifestyle surrounded  by a beautiful home, a collection of premium cars, a yacht and a closet full of designer fashion clothes. Now, I find myself seeking the luxury of time above all else.

Let's take a look at my day. It's currently 10pm as I write this article. I will probably spend another two hours answering dozens of emails from luxury brands who want to be promoted on LuxeInACity or curating content for our superyacht clients. My work day started at 9am.

Rest assured, I am not to pity; I am living a digital lifestyle. My office is currently set in an oceanfront villa in a Mexican beach town. Every now and then, I either make my way to the pool or the beach for a quick dip in the turquoise waters, read a passage of my favorite book under a palm tree or enjoy a great conversation on Skype with my family.

I am still young, full of energy and I know that the next few years will require commitment, hard work and dedication in order to achieve great things for AgenceLuxury, LuxeInACity and our clients. To achieve the perfect work-life balance, I have adjusted my lifestyle so that I can work virtually from wherever I may choose. Seems impossible? Think again.

When I started LuxeInACity over two years ago, I asked myself one simple question: what lifestyle did I want to achieve? The one of my childhood dreams or something else. The answer was simple: I wanted to establish a digital agency that allowed every member of my team to balance their work-life schedule according to their individual needs. I also wanted everyone to be free of the typical office with white walls and neon lights. I wanted my team to be free of traditional constraints.

Two years later, my team and I are living the digital luxury lifestyle. My partner/sister Maxine currently lives in Sweden with her husband and two daughters; our team members are located in either Portugal, England, South Africa, India, Philippines, Canada or America; and our clients represent the Netherland, Canada, America and the open sea. We all work according to our schedule while adhering to tight deadlines. We communicate virtually and coordinate everything seamlessly through a digital project management system. If looked at from the outside world, we seem like a typical brick-and-mortar agency yet we are nothing of the sort. We breathe digital in every fiber of our lifestyle, therefore, we truly get the digital space.

A luxurious lifestyle can be defined by the amount of possessions in our care, or, if you are a member of our team, by the free time spent enjoying life.

What is your version of a luxury lifestyle? Could you see yourself living a digital life?


2014 Must-Attend Luxury Events

9 Must Attend Luxury Events of 2014

A new year brings a new set of luxury events to attend in the hopes of discovering the best in every class. Whether you love supercars, private jets or high fashion, the following events will cater to your need for new luxury. Why not discover a one-of-a-kind couture dress or an exotic perfume to go along with your new Porsche Cayman S? Or how about spending time with the best naval architect to design your very own superyacht? The luxury events cater to each of your fantasies!


Here is our curated list of nine must-attend luxury events of 2014; events that will capture the hearts of luxury connoisseurs.


Milan Fashion Week

Showcasing new looks from famed fashion houses such as Armani, Versace or Dolce & Gabbana or from up-and-coming designers such as Uma Wang, Fausto Puglisi or Iceberg, the Milan Fashion Week should be on everyone's calendar of must-attend events. Considered one of the "Big Four" in high fashion, the Milan Fashion Week is a dynamic display of creative diversity.

Date and Venue: 18th to 23rd February, 2014 in Milan, Italy



From the latest innovations of Girard-PerreGaux to the timeless designs of Breguet; from the classicism of Faberge to the modernism of Cartier, Baselworld brings together the best luxury watch and fine jewelry industry leaders. Set in a sophisticated space, the exhibition invites watch aficionados to either admire or purchase the high-end items on display.

Date and Venue: 27th March to 3rd April, 2014 at Basel, Switzerland


1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair

The 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair is a prestigious affair that aims to demonstrate the relationship between beauty, creativity, authenticity and sustainability in redefining luxury. The event showcases a series of trends, innovations, inspirations and initiatives that contributes in making the world a greener piece of luxury.

Date and Venue: 4th to 6th April, 2014 at Carreau du Temple, Paris


Top Marques Monaco

This award-winning event showcases the big luxury players. Meet Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati in the automobile area; Franck Muller, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet in the haute horlogerie quarter; and Davidoff, Taschen and Crystal caviar in the luxury section. Need more reasons to visit Top Marques? How about an evening of elegance at one of Monaco's myriad luxury hotels?

Date and Venue: 17th to 20th April, 2014 at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco


Masterpiece Fair

Amazing antiques, fabulous folk art, gorgeous sculptures, exclusive jewelry and exquisite miniatures – the Masterpiece Fair is a treasure trove for art enthusiasts. Each exhibit at this world-class event is worthy of your visit. This is most likely why so many renowned artists, collectors, exhibitors and curators participate in this event.

Date and Venue: Preview – 25th June, Show - 26th June to 2nd July, 2014 at the South Grounds, the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London


Monaco Yacht Show

With an impressive display of superyachts, by exhibitors such as FEADSHIP, LÜRSSEN, and Heesen Yachts, the Monaco Yacht Show is one event that is a must if you consider yourself to be a superyacht connoisseur. Organized under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, this show offers the opportunity to catch the latest in superyachting.

Date and Venue: 24th to 27th September, 2014 at Port Hercules, Monaco


Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Nicknamed the ‘Yachting Capital of the World’, Fort Lauderdale hosts one of the best superyacht shows in the world. Regardless of your preference, you will most likely find the pleasure craft of your dreams at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. If not, you will surely reconnect with old friends and make new ones since the event is attended by innumerable jetsetters.

Date and Venue: 31st October to 3rd November, 2014 at Ports across Florida


Art Basel Miami

Art Basel brings together artists and art lovers to celebrate their passion for visual media. From the paintings and drawings of Modern Masters to the sculptures and architectural pieces of contemporary creators to the photographs of emerging talents, Art Basel provides an ideal setting to promote art.

Date and Venue: 4th to 7th December, 2014 at Miami Beach


New York Fashion Week

An opportunity to view upcoming styles and trends, the New York Fashion Week should be on the must-visit list of everyone in the fashion circuit. Sport your best evening attire to attend runway shows of the most talked about designers; dine with supermodels and celebrities; or find that perfect couture clothing item for that special event. If you love fashion, you will love the New York Fashion Week.

Date and Venue: 6th to 13th December, 2014 at New York


Attend any one of these luxury events in style by either staying at a five-star hotel or chartering a superyacht.