10 Reasons We Operate in a Virtual Environment

In the modern world, operating in the virtual realm is appealing for a number of reasons. Many successful enterprises are using this alternative world as a platform for enhanced success. Everything from interviews and training to meetings, collaboration and planning can take place without people having to inhabit the same physical space. This has opened up a world of exciting possibilities, particularly for the travel industry. Agence Luxury is one such enterprise that takes full advantage of the virtual office. And here are the top ten reasons why we operate in a virtual environment:

1. Employees and contributors are free to work from anywhere where there is an Internet connection.
2. Travelling the world enables us to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the global luxury market.
3. We enjoy flexibility in terms of who we can employ and benefit from hiring from the global marketplace.
4. We have discovered creative and effective ways to collaborate remotely. We use Google Hangouts to communicate throughout the day, Redbooth to organize our operation and social media to maintain regular contact.
5. Not having any offices reduces our overall costs allowing us to pass on the savings to our clients.
6. A successful virtual office means that we are able to work for clients from around the world.
7. The strategic placement of employees around the world gives us a global presence.
8. We are explorers and using a virtual platform means that we are still constantly learning about the world around us.
9. This flexibility benefits Agence Luxury as have the ability to react quickly and efficiently on behalf of a client.
10. We believe that technology is bringing the world together and creating closer global ties. We want to be at the forefront of this movement and working in a virtual world enables us to be at the cutting edge.

Although it might frighten you, hiring a digital marketing agency that has completely embraces the digital environment will give you a new understand of the future. Digital is here to stay, and you can either embrace it or fall behind. We hope you decide to join us as we surf on this great digital adventure.

Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair Cover

Meet Katrina James: A Photographer with an Artistic Flair

Meet Katrina James, an expert par excellence with 12 years of experience in the field she loves – photography. A wish to change the world led her to take up environmental science but soon she understood that it was through the lens that she can really initiate a change – a change in the way people perceive the world. Be it product photography or portraits, nature or events, her works stand apart due to the sheer happiness they exude. Having worked with the big names in the luxury world, she shares her insight into what she loves the most – photography!

As a woman who grew up in Australia, where should our readers make sure to visit?

Australia is full of stunning scenery, the most memorable holiday till this day is when my parents took me out of school for a month and we took a trip through the outback, it was life changing to me and I think that’s where my curiosity for travel started, the landscape was breath taking. I would highly recommend a visit.

You are currently shooting events and music festivals around the world.  Where are you off to next?

Next stop is Bali to photograph (and participate in) a yoga and meditation retreat in Ubud.

There are stunning portraits on your webpage.  What do you do to help your subjects relax?

Thank you. I treat my portrait sessions as if I was going to meet a friend for coffee sometimes it can be 30 minutes before I even bring out my camera, I love people and hearing their stories is such a treat for me so I try and create a feeling where my subjects feel like they matter to me, which they very much do.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 1


What photo shoot have you been most nervous for?  What did you do to relax?

I was pretty nervous to photograph the Australian foreign minister Bob Carr when he visited Berlin, I got to spend the day following him around Berlin as he met with German politicians, it was a really fascinating experience for me as politics is very far away from my world and there was a lot of protocol I didn’t know anything about.  To be honest I don’t think I relaxed until the day was over.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 2


What is the most important question to ask a photographer that you are thinking of hiring?

I can’t think of one specific question, however I do think it is important to really brief your photographer and give them as much information as possible about what you are expecting of their photography.

What things should the photographer you hired be doing?

Before the event they should be talking to you, asking questions about what is important to you, is there a particular detail that means something to you? How do you plan to use the photographs?

At the event they should be enjoying themselves, they should be making sure they get all the required shots as well as shooting some creative or interesting shots.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 3


What is the best way for a client to help you understand their brand?

It’s really important to talk to your photographer about where you have come from and your future goals, how you see the photos being used and who your audience are.

What makes marketing photography different from other photography that you have done?

Marketing photography is a little different because you need to capture a product or service in its best light. You need to use images to tell a clients story and to make a viewer want to be part of that story.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 4


Can you give an example of how you can use photography to tell a story?

My imagery is all about stories and I hope that each image creates its own story. I recently shot a job for a jewellery designer where I captured images that told the story of her work day, from meeting with her team to spending the afternoon cruising on her boat, the images really help people to connect to you and your brand.

Since we love travel here, can you tell us about your favorite place to take pictures?

For the pure beauty of it Cape Town is a wonderful place to take photos, the light there is incredible it’s the kind of light that moves me to tears, the landscapes are such a contrast from beautiful beaches to dry sand plains and the people are just wonderful.  




Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 5


Get in touch with Katrina James via email at katrina@katrina-james.com or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter. Or, we could introduce you, just reach out to us!



Finding Your Ideal Influencers

The word, ‘influence’ means having the ability to alter the manner in which others act or even think. In a digital world, although the social graph and the number of followers a person has goes on to show their popularity, it does not necessarily mean that they can wield the kind of influence that is useful to promote your luxury brand. Rather than focusing on the sheer number of social media fans or even the average monthly visitors to a website, focus instead on the quality of the audience.

For a luxury brand wishing to gain exposure in the affluent community, the ideal influencer would be someone who has the ability to drive action through their words, change the behavior and opinions of others through their action. The right influencers for your luxury brand are those whose word resonates among their followers, who have a relevance to both the products and the audience and are able to reach crowds easily.

It is possible to best amplify the brand’s content by identifying the right influencer on the basis of several factors such as demography, size, and engagement of audience and the quality of the content produced by the influencer.

When finding your ideal influencer, you process should include the following steps:

• Social Listening: Listen to the social interactions on myriad social media channels. You might notice that some influencers are influent not only within the affluent community but within the influencer community as well. Once you have identified a small group of influencers that seem to target your coveted audience, start engaging their communities.

• Google Alerts: Keeping tab on Google Alerts is another way to finding your ideal influencer for your luxury brand. Look at the people who are actively participating in discussions about your product. You should set keyword alerts on Google; make sure that you use various keyword combinations that are related to your product.

• Use Hashtags: Hashtags are another great tool to identify the right influencers to suit your luxury brand’s target audience. Keep an eye out for those used most by your target audiences; then identify the most active in the conversations. Add these influencers is a Twitter list or Google + group to easily connect with them on a regular basis.

• Rank them: Finally, rank these influencers based on their social media Klout, their reach, and their relevance to your luxury brand.

To find the ideal influencer, it is important to understand that influence comes in various shapes and sizes and varies from product to product and campaign to campaign. The ideal influencers should be able to convert some of their loyal fans into potential customers for your luxury brand.

Top 10 Luxury Research Firms

Luxury research firms provide high-end brands and companies with the data analyses and advice they need to effectively market their elite services and goods to an affluent market. Information is gained from regular comprehensive research and then relayed to the luxury industry in the form of business insight. We have compiled a list of the top 10 luxury research brands (in no particular order):


Wealth-X has the largest collection of research on the world’s ultra high net-worth (UHNW) individuals. It is a wealth intelligence firm with offices in five continents.




Affluential is a platform for research and advice regarding luxury brand management, luxury service design and affluent consumption. They provide unique and innovative seminars and executive education programs by world-class experts in luxury.






Luxury Institute
Luxury Institute is a research and consulting firm that assists top-tier luxury brands and start-ups to establish themselves as highly profitable enterprises.




Unity Marketing
Unity Marketing is a boutique marketing consulting firm, the brainchild of luxury expert Pamela N. Danziger. The focus is on providing business insight with regards to affluent consumers.




L2 Think Tank
L2 provides business intelligence in respect of the digital competence and performance of brands.




The Boston Consulting Group
The BCG is an international management consulting firm. They provide their clients with advice on business strategies to identify the best opportunities, address their challenges, and transform their enterprises.




Euromonitor has comprehensive research on the luxury goods industry throughout the world. Industry trends are monitored and analyzed, including market share and market size data. They provide companies with the knowledge that informs effective business strategies.




American Express Publishing and the Harrison Group
American Express Publishing and the Harrison Group have formed a partnership in the form of Luxury Market Insights. They specialize in all things related to addressing an affluent audience: research, consulting, analysis and marketing capabilities. Using the Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America, they provide companies with the insight and tools to attract affluent consumers.




Shullman Research Center
The Shullman Research Center is a marketing research and consulting firm that deals specifically with luxury, wealthy and affluent consumers. They provide invaluable insight and data regarding this sector for senior marketers.




Ledbury Research
Ledbury Research conducts market research for the world’s most celebrated brands. They specialize in providing insight about high net-worth individuals for the most prestigious brands.






Blogger Spotlight: MOGI by Malin Richardson

Behind every great luxury blog, you will find a great story. Luxury bloggers are real people, not machines, and to successfully work with them, we recommend you get to know them a little better. Through our years at LuxeInACity, we have talked, collaborated and exchanged ideas with dozens of great bloggers from around the world.

Since bloggers rarely talk about themselves – they tend to talk about everyone else instead – we hope to showcase their skills, expertise and opinions in this blog series.Get to know them, learn from them and hopefully you will find an innovative way to collaborate with them.


Today's blogger is Malin Richardson, a young woman who grew up in Italy, France, Belgium and Sweden with her family and her passion to travel was born this way leading her to start her own lifestyle blog back in 2007. She is now the 24 y/o CEO and Creative director behind Scandinavia's most read high end lifestyle/travel blog Mogi by Malin Richardson. With over 400 000 hits every month and over 80 000 unique readers she is the most successful blogger in the world in her field. 

On www.mogis.se Malin takes her readers on adventures around the world where she gives them the best advice where to stay, eat and what to wear while abroad. Her passion for her blog has landed her a job as a travel/food writer for ELLE Food & Wine. She has also been awarded for her photography which has landed her a job as an ambassador for Canon in Sweden.




1. Every blogger has a different story on how they got started blogging. What is yours?

I grew up in Italy, France, Belgium and Sweden with my family and we have always travelled a lot during holidays so my passion for travel started that way. I have always loved to write and photography so I thought that a blog would be the perfect outlet for me to share my passions! I started my blog back in January 2007, I was one of the first to start a blog in Sweden and it grew very fast!

2. Like most successful blogger, you probably received hundreds of emails per month from luxury brands who want you to share their story. What makes you decide to work with a brand over the other?

I decide which companies and brands that I would like to work with, I only want to work with brands that I stand for to a 100%. I am very picky!

3. What is the best pitch you have received from a luxury brand? What is the worst?

I haven't gotten one that knocks me out of my chair yet but I have had many amazing collaborations with luxury brands which I am very happy about!

4. What is your take on press releases? Do you like receiving them or do you simply discard them?

On my blog I only write about my own experiences so press releases isn't something that I use for my blog but of course I read them to keep up with what's going on!

5. What would make you choose to work with a brand on a giveaway campaign on your site?

It would have to match my profile and be something that I would know my readers would really like!

6. If a brand wants to reach you, what channel should they use? Do you prefer email, social media or another means of communication?

I usually work with email the most but I got approached by a company via my instagram (@mogis) just a couple of weeks ago and that worked great as well!

7. In your mind, what makes a successful blogger outreach program? Is it the incentive, the brand itself or the relationship you already have with the brand?

In my opinion it is about the connection the blogger has with the brand, that you feel that the connection is 100% real!

8. What is the coolest gift you have received from a luxury brand in a blogger outreach program?

I don't work with gifts that way, either I work with a brand in a collaboration or that they buy ad space on my blog.

9. Of all the social media channels you engage on, which one do you prefer and why?

My blog www.mogis.se is my number one priority and then I like Instagram @mogis!



10. Which social media channels does your audience interact with the most?

They interact a lot via my blog and via my Instagram!

11. In your opinion, what does it take to become successful on social media?

You have to be passionate and dedicated to what you do and have patience and focus on quality and of course take care of your readers!

12. Do you monitor your Klout score on a daily/weekly basis? Do you think this social ranking is of any real value to luxury brands?

I don't use Klout but perhaps this is something I will try in the future!

13. What is the main reason you blog on a daily basis? Is it for pleasure, for business or for both?

My blog is my fulltime job and business since 3 years back so I update it 2 times per day so my readers always have something new to read!

14. Do you sometime receive compensation from luxury brands, whether it's in the form of cash or incentives, to blog about them?

If we have a collaboration or if they buy an ad space they pay a certain amount of money to be seen on my site!

15. Apart from blogging, do you offer additional services to luxury brands who choose to work with you?

Not right now! My main focus is blogging and Instagram!

16. Do you think luxury brands should understand that blogging is also a business for some?

I think that they have realized over the last few years that a professional blog is just like any lifestyle or fashion magazine out there. The audience that I have created the last 7 years are in many cases larger than magazines out on the market so why shouldn't I get payed for the work that I put in to it? But I have truly felt a big difference over the last 3 years which feels good. The prices to work with bloggers get higher for each year!

17. Do you manage more than one blog? If so, which ones?

No www.mogis.se is the only blog I have!

18. What would you say is the best thing about being a luxury blogger?

I love that I get to work with my passions and travel the world and discover new places, restaurants and amazing fashion! So far during 2014 I have been home in Stockholm for 1,5 months and the rest I have been travelling so it's very intense but I love it!

19. Have you rub shoulders with the rich and famous through your work as a luxury blogger?

I had lunch at Matbaren in Stockholm back in 2011, a great Guide Michelin restaurant and next to our table sat Whitney Houston! That was quite amazing! 2 weeks ago when I was in New York I had lunch at Sant Ambroeus in West Village and Anne Hathaway and Mr Valentino himself sat next to our table!

20. If you had to mentor a new blogger, what is your go-to advice to become successful?


I would say find your nisch and stick to it! Quality over quantity and you have to be passionate and dedicated to succeed in this business!


Reach out to Malin Richardson through social media on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, or once again, if you need an introduction, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


What is an eBook and Why You Need to Create One

An e-book is an electronic book that is usually read on a Kindle or tablet. The advent of e-books means that aspiring authors can now become published authors without negotiating around obstacles such as agents and publishers. You can either use an ecommerce tool to sell your books on your own website, or sell through Amazon. Another sign of the times when it comes to publishing is the fact that Amazon sells more e-books than it does print books.

Almost all e-books start as print books and are then retrofitted into digital form. They are organized in a linear form with a sequence of chapters that are meant to be consumed in order and, in the case of a how-to book, are supported with the occasional photograph or illustration.

However, there is a growing movement that argues that an e-book needs to be “digital first”. Open Air Publishing, which has now been acquired by Inkling, is one among a new generation of digital publishers that recognizes that a print book and a tablet are different media that alter both the message and the experience of the reader. It becomes clear that e-books need to be designed as a digital publication from the outset, rather than an afterthought based on a print version.

All of Open Air’s books are indeed digital first: produced and optimized for the tablet medium. The authors were never encumbered by the weight of what they did before. They just did it the right way for the touch-screen medium the first time. These e-books are interactive and immersive in a way that is impossible with flat text, even if it is digital text. Content becomes more engaging and in this way publishers like Inkling pose a threat to both Amazon and Apple.

Open Air CEO Jon Feldman says that “advice for publishers would be to carve out a digital-first division that would allow them to play in that space... [then] take some digital bestsellers and see if there’s a print version that could be made downstream.”

Marshall McLuhan may have never contemplated an electronic book but he would probably be pleased that there are publishers who are making the distinction.



Clientele Luxury: A Real Estate Luxury Magazine for the Affluent

Clientele Luxury, initially a high-end website, is a new luxury magazine that caters to the affluent. The magazine’s mission is to “align its high-profile, influential audience with top connections, be it regarding real estate, vehicles, fashion, and other exclusive items”. And Clientele Luxury does just that. The magazine’s readership consists of the super-rich who lead an extravagant lifestyle and are used to the best of the best. The products and services featured in its pages reflect the tastes and preferences of the affluent, guiding them towards superior luxury brands and companies.

Clientele Luxury’s viewers and readers have the opportunity to browse information pertaining to top real estate agents, featured homes, luxury construction companies building superior properties and unique luxury destinations. For those living in North America, the website has a search map of the USA and one for Canada. This allows visitors to identify luxury properties priced over $1 million and the top real estate agents in each area.




However, Clientele Luxury is not limited to luxury real estate. The luxury news blog is regularly updated with posts about interior décor and design, furnishings, fashion, cars, yachts, travel and influential people. In short, this magazine covers all facets of an elite luxury lifestyle. It covers everything that is associated with the pinnacle of financial success. Everything about the magazine is about superior excellence and the longevity of quality.

Several luxury brands and companies are featured in each issue. Readers have come to associate Clientele Luxury with the top luxury affiliates. Indeed, any high-end brand featured in this magazine is seen as superior simply by association with the elite publication. Top brands choose to feature their advertisements in Clientele Luxury because they know that their target market is closely aligned with the magazine’s readership. This avenue of marketing allows you to reach elite affluent customers who live the lifestyle of the super-rich.





If interested in learning more about Clientele Luxury, reach out to them on Twitter, Facebook or, once again, don't hesitate to ask us for an introduction.

Luxury Expert Spotlight: Doug Gollan of Elite Traveler Media

Behind every great luxury blog, you will find a great story. Luxury bloggers are real people, not machines, and to successfully work with them, we recommend you get to know them a little better. Through our years at LuxeInACity, we have talked, collaborated and exchanged ideas with dozens of great bloggers from around the world.

Since bloggers rarely talk about themselves – they tend to talk about everyone else instead – we hope to showcase their skills, expertises and opinions in this blog series.

Get to know them, learn from them and hopefully you will find an innovative way to collaborate with them.


Today's blogger is Doug Gollan the Group President and co-founder of Elite Traveler Media Group, a pioneer in media targeting the global Ultra High Net Worth consumer. He is co-author of "The Sky's the Limit" and a contributor to Luxury Society. He is considered an expert on the super rich and their lifestyle habits. He has been referenced on NBC, CNBC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. He is a member of The Luxury Marketing Council and has participated in Northwestern University's "Future of Luxury" think tank and has been a guest lecturer at New York University's Stern School of Business. His blog Douggollan.com  highlights opportunities for luxury marketers to sell more to the ever growing global Super Rich.



The-Private-Jet-Lifestyle-Magazine-Elite-Traveller - Doug Gollan


Every luxury expert has a different story on how they got started in the industry. What is yours?

"It was 2000 and I was running a $30 million dollar group of trade magazines in the travel industry vertical catering to travel agents. Our flagship Travel Agent magazine was a weekly and was large enough to be ranked by Advertising Age as one of the Top 10 magazines in the country by ad pages. Our former owner like many of the wealthy was unhappy with the deteriorating service level of the U.S. domestic airlines.  He had switched his travels to private jets.  Coming from the publishing industry, he noticed that while the passengers on private jets were rich, most of the magazines were targeted to the pilots and the only consumer reading material readily available was local newspapers and magazines, which were sporadic at best.

With my B2B experience in controlled circulation, I knew if we could figure out the distribution, and put together a product that appealed to these folks, we would have a unique and desirable audience.  I was ready for a new challenge and wanted to expand  my knowledge beyond travel, so it seemed like a good idea.  I convinced my colleague who was running sales to jump with me, he did, and we are still at it nearly 15 years later."


Tell us about Elite Traveler. Who is your core audience and what marketing opportunities do you offer luxury brands?

"Elite Traveler is positioned as the private jet lifestyle magazine. You now have the private jet, we are about everything else you might enjoy.  We are the first and only publisher to claim private jet distribution and have it successfully audited by a third party on an ongoing basis, in our case BPA.  We have an audience of over 400,000 readers every issue with a Household Income of $1 million or more, about 10 times more than other publications such as Robb Report, Town & Country or Departures.  We have a beautiful magazine, but others have nice magazines too.  The simple difference is our distribution puts Elite Traveler in front of Ultra High Net Worth consumers, whereas others rely on charge card databases, subscriptions and newsstand meaning their audiences are necessarily more mass. 

We have multi-platform marketing opportunities ranging from Elitetraveler.com, with over 300,000 unique visitors per month to Elite Traveler TV, our web based television channel and a global database of private jet owners.  We have private events during events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show where we have readers from around the world.  I think the last point is our distribution is global – we are in over 100 countries, from Nigeria to China to Brazil to Russia. We like to say wherever in the world you’re from, wherever in the world you happen to be, if you fly by private jet Elite Traveler is with you.  In other words, we reach this hard to reach audience. 

In the luxury business, you never know where your next top customer is coming from, or where he or she happens to be today.  Our distribution covers that for our partners making sure they are always in front of them.  Our two month publishing cycle adds value and shelf life."




In what ways has your publication changed over the years? And how has your publication remained successful in light of competing digital magazines?

"When we launched in 2001 we were ahead of the curve in terms of making our information accessible, understanding that our readers were on their private jet, sharing the magazine with friends and family.  We utilize our oversize format with lots of pictures. We are the only magazine in the world that is regularly featuring top suites as opposed to just the generic hotel, but then again, our readers are the folks who are spending $1,000 to $40,000 per night to stay in these places. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

We put in contact information with the name, phone number and email of a hotel general manager or the name of the manager of a boutique featuring the watch or handbag we are writing about.  We use award winning writers and reporters, but challenge them to write in a short-form format realizing time is money. We give you the names of top guides in the places we write about. We give you the names of the manager of the restaurant with the hot table. We are like a friend to our reader, telling our reader, “If you want this bracelet, make sure to ask for Janet and use my name.  She’ll take good care of you.”  

Our format doesn’t have jumps. We follow a format that makes it easy for regular readers to find what they are looking for and our size and heavy paper re-enforce the private jet lifestyle image.  I think a lot of luxury magazines talk to their readers like the storekeeper in Pretty Woman.  We recognize 90 percent of UHNWs are self-made.  They are not buying the products we cover as validation. They are buying them because they want them.  Knowing our readers are the movers and shakers of the world, people who made innovations that changed millions of peoples lives, heads of state and even royalty, top celebrities and sports stars makes us very humble that they read our magazine!"


What do you think is the future for print publications, as compared to digital alternatives?

"Richard Branson said the magazine business hasn’t changed its circulation model in 150 years.  Our model of getting the magazine to private jets is different.  We figured out a new way to slice bread, so for what we do I think the sky’s the limit, pardon the pun.  Since the recession, and the end of free money from credit cards and home loans for the mass affluent consumer, marketers of luxury products are more focusing on wanting to reach people who can buy their products regularly, or heavy users in ad speak.  We reach more of this target with less waste than any publisher in the world.  I’m happy to repeat that, but if you look across the business world innovation rarely comes from incumbents. The fact that we were new to consumer publishing enabled us to create a model that the big players missed.  It’s truly amazing.  Advertisers challenge their media partners to come up with a big idea. That’s what we do every day – bringing our partners to the laps of the richest and most influential people in the world on their private jets.  It’s very exciting and fulfilling!"


How has the world of social media affected print publications? And what is your strategy when it comes to social media?

We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  We have over 25,000 followers.  I think it’s hard to tell what percentage are UHNWs vs. regular folks who want to get a glimpse of the private jet lifestyle.  I can’t say it’s something we do better or worse than lots of others.  We like to observe.  I guess the best way to put it is I think Mark Zuckerberg can rest easy.


Many print magazines have established relationships with bloggers. How does this benefit both parties?

It’s not something we have done yet, however it’s something we are looking at.  David Ogilvy once said it takes around a dozen impressions to get the notice of a consumer.  We want to create as many touch points as possible with our readers, yet we also know that it’s impossible to be great at everything.  We don’t believe in vaporware, so we don’t like to dive into things until we know how to make them work for what we do, yet we also know there are bloggers who develop a very loyal following.  I guess the best answer is watch this space.


What do you think constitutes a successful marketing campaign? And what are some examples of successful campaigns that have featured in your publication?

Magazines are first and foremost best for awareness and branding.  Today in the luxury market, in virtually every segment - watches, jewelry, auto, fashion, hotels, shelter - there is product overload, meaning creating awareness of what you do and what you offer is more important than ever. Today’s Super Rich are self made and didn’t grow up with luxury brands.  They may know the brand names, but they know a lot less about the products than luxury marketers believe.

Regularly we have advertisers who track sales of jewelry sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and real estate in the millions sold directly from the magazine.  We have had presidents of countries spend $500,000 booking a floor of suites after reading about it in Elite Traveler.  We have had royalty place million dollar orders for watches after seeing an ad in our magazine. These are people you can’t reach through credit card databases and you will never get to come to a boutique opening for a free glass of champagne, yet each issue we have over 400,000 readers like this. Yet it is hard to track every sale. 

We also tracked millions of dollars in transactions for watches, jewelry and accessories ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, which for the normal person is a big deal, but for our readers regular shopping. Every CFO will put my picture on the dartboard, but I believe that the overweighting of ROI takes away for the need that luxury companies need to spend more money creating awareness of their ever-growing line of products.  As an example, it wasn’t too long ago Montblanc only made pens, now they wave accessories, watches, jewelry and so on.  Do the super really rich know what you are selling?  I often find sales reps for luxury brands have trouble keeping up with their own product lines.






You also blog on a regular basis. What is your main goal as a blogger?

I think the UHNW segment is underinvested by luxury marketers.  The idea that you bring somebody into the brand through accessible price points such as fragrance and one day they become a billionaire and buy $100,000 necklaces is a fallacy.  Today – globally – the best prospects for luxury companies know less about what these companies are selling than the junior manager sitting in her cube flipping through Vogue.  The UHNWs made their money many times in some mundane industry.  They figured out a better way to make widgets.  Chances are they came from a middle class or even impoverished household. Look at Larry Ellison or Lewis Katz. Their early years were spent borrowing money from relatives and using credit cards to invest in their business, not taking fancy vacations.  Their spouse and children probably worked in the business as well.  Now they are rich and they know less about your brand than you think.  It’s a great opportunity, and all research out there shows the rich are getting richer. 

The top 1 percent are going to become the core segment successful luxury brands need to build loyalty with.  The next 9 percent are going to more and more buy less and less in luxury and will increasingly gravitate towards ‘look for less’ solutions.  My blog is about my passion for highlighting the UHNW market and the marketing opportunities.  I also love the spending by UHNWs creates jobs for entrepreneurs and folks who are trying to make ends meet.  When an UHNW has a $3 million party, the money goes to the waiters, bartenders, florists, security guards, black car drivers, those freelancers who support the entertainers, the venue designers, the construction workers who build out the venue, on and on and on.


Anything else you want to share with us?

When you love what you do, it’s not a job.  It’s been said again and again, but I can attest it’s true.


If interested to collaborate with Doug Gollan or the Elite Traveler Media Group, reach out through social media on Twitter at @EliteTravelerDG or on Google + at +DougGollan or once again, don't hesitate to ask us for an introduction.


MTRIP: Building a Travel App White Label Style

mTrip is an intelligent travel guide that is completely customizable for the travel and tourism industry. It’s perfect for luxury hotels, tourism boards and tourist agencies. The white label apps provide extensive publicity for your brand, your hotel, or your destination, all whilst acting as an expert tour guide for your visitors and guests.

Utilizing a white label product makes sense on many levels. You can reduce your costs by taking advantage of another company’s technology. You won’t have to invest in creating new technology, developing the infrastructure, developing the product and hiring additional employees. At the same time, there are so many benefits for your brand as well as your clients and customers.




The mTrip app for hotels and resorts provides a 24/7 virtual concierge service that assists guests with hotel amenities and facilities, special offers, bookings, and other related services. It also acts as a local travel guide, providing guests with itineraries and information about local restaurants, attractions, etc. This app also features complete offline map and navigation so users can find their way around without paying roaming fees. Receive even more publicity for your establishment as guests post their photos and journal their trip on Facebook.

Tourism boards can customize the app to incorporate an unlimited amount of tourism content. It also provides visitors with daily itineraries and complete offline use of maps and navigation services to avoid roaming costs. This is a great way to enhance your marketing and boost sales because the app maximizes the visibility of your destination and generates revenue.

The mTrip app is also ideal for tour operators and travel agencies. The app can provide an itinerary, including all the necessary details about transportation, accommodation, tours, activities, etc. It includes content rich travel guides that provide your clients with everything they need to know about a destination. While offline, clients can view their itinerary and travel guide, as well as use the maps and turn-by-turn navigation. Your business will receive even more exposure as clients post photos, status updates about their trip and more on Facebook.

All in all, the mTrip is the ideal white label app for all tourism and travel professionals who want to take their brand and their destination to the next level.


Digital Marketing for Luxury Brands

Effective Digital Marketing for Luxury Brands

The word ‘Luxury’ is being used very loosely these days. It seems it is now important to start working on redefining it so that most mundane products will stop receiving the status of luxury items and mere functional will stop being touted as phenomenal.

With the reuse and abuse of the word luxury, it is important for marketers to know that marketing a luxury brand is not only about setting the highest price for its products or making it beyond the reach of people. Besides the pricing and the advertising, effective marketing of luxury brands involves a lot many concepts.

Marketers of luxury brands, rather than aping the successful digital marketing strategies of other brands should concentrate on developing multilevel and multichannel strategies that suit their individual products and brand identities. Moreover, what works for a single product or a brand, might not be completely successful for other brands. While luxury brands strive to be seen as unique and distinct, their digital marketing efforts should also be unique and individualistic, to be successful.


Being Seen On Multiple Channels Is the Key

Until a few decades ago, marketers used a single concept to market their products. Sometimes using a single tagline or even a single word, marketers were able to push their products into the market. However, the times have changed and, unless you are marketing automobiles or beer, you have to be seen on multiple channels to compete in this competitive market.

From a supplier, the luxury brand marketer has gone on to become a receiver; opening various doors of customer communication and relationships. Marketers, these days, have to be ready for the communication, ideas exchange and create unique experiences to clients. Nowadays, customers are searching the internet for products and ideas; it is imperative that luxury brands position themselves as a viable online brand as well.


Focus on Customer Loyalty

When building the perfect digital marketing strategy for marketing luxury brands, one must take into account brand loyalty and customer loyalty as well. Customers who are loyal to brands advertise your brand effectively; they bond deeply with the brand and tell the rest of the world about its virtues. In addition to concentrating on customer awareness, sampling, trail and purchase, marketers of luxury brands should also take into account brand advocates. Brand advocates are passionate believers in a brand. So, as a luxury brand marketing strategy, it is important to encourage brand advocates, create ways to improve communication between brand advocates and others and try to create new advocates.


Connect With People Who Visit You

Using a number of free analytical tools such as Google Analytics, it is possible to connect with people who visited your website. You can easily follow these visitors to your site, regardless of where in the world they are from, you can accurately know the time they spent on your site, the places they meandered to, the products they searched for, the products they best liked, and more. So, when they eventually come back to your website, you will be better equipped to handle these returning visitors with better choices and better strategies to convert these casual visitors into sales.

In addition to these points, to be able to portray your brand as a unique luxury brand, you have to create an online identity that reflects your brand’s offline signature style. Everything from visual elements, graphics, colors, typography and more should be able to enhance motivation of customers and eventually turn visitors into customers.