Clientele Luxury, initially a high-end website, is a new luxury magazine that caters to the affluent. The magazine’s mission is to “align its high-profile, influential audience with top connections, be it regarding real estate, vehicles, fashion, and other exclusive items”. And Clientele Luxury does just that. The magazine’s readership consists of the super-rich who lead an extravagant lifestyle and are used to the best of the best. The products and services featured in its pages reflect the tastes and preferences of the affluent, guiding them towards superior luxury brands and companies.

Clientele Luxury’s viewers and readers have the opportunity to browse information pertaining to top real estate agents, featured homes, luxury construction companies building superior properties and unique luxury destinations. For those living in North America, the website has a search map of the USA and one for Canada. This allows visitors to identify luxury properties priced over $1 million and the top real estate agents in each area.




However, Clientele Luxury is not limited to luxury real estate. The luxury news blog is regularly updated with posts about interior décor and design, furnishings, fashion, cars, yachts, travel and influential people. In short, this magazine covers all facets of an elite luxury lifestyle. It covers everything that is associated with the pinnacle of financial success. Everything about the magazine is about superior excellence and the longevity of quality.

Several luxury brands and companies are featured in each issue. Readers have come to associate Clientele Luxury with the top luxury affiliates. Indeed, any high-end brand featured in this magazine is seen as superior simply by association with the elite publication. Top brands choose to feature their advertisements in Clientele Luxury because they know that their target market is closely aligned with the magazine’s readership. This avenue of marketing allows you to reach elite affluent customers who live the lifestyle of the super-rich.





If interested in learning more about Clientele Luxury, reach out to them on Twitter, Facebook or, once again, don’t hesitate to ask us for an introduction.

Roxanne Genier