The biggest challenge in connecting with influencers for brand awareness lies in identifying the right influencer; in marketing terminology – understanding the characteristics defining an influencer for your luxury brand.

Influencers are usually very active in various social media circles and through blogs. They are brand promoters, brand advocates and niche marketers.

Does your luxury brand really need influencers? Of course! When someone who has hundreds and thousands of followers on social media platforms hails your luxury brand as the next best thing, you will inevitably gain brand exposure in front of an audience who is attentive.

Luxury brands have to look at influencers as mutual friends, connecting their luxury brand to thousands of potential customers. Customers these days do not pay heed to the hordes of billboards or listen to the rhyming commercial jingles like they used too; they are intelligent and want to research a product or a brand on their own and, perhaps, take in the advice of an influencer they trust.
So, what defines an influencer?

Niche: Having someone who has a huge fan following is not going to be of much use to you unless they reach out to your target audience. So, the ideal influencer would be someone who can wield influence over your niche market.

Audience: The influencer’s audience must be targeted and focused on your coveted audience. Even though Miley Cyrus or Justin Beber both have millions of social media fans, and may be considered as some of the most influential celebrities, their tweet praising your products might actually hurt your brand if you are trying to reach the affluent consumer.

Reach: An influencer with a huge fan following will surely have a bigger impact than one with a smaller reach. Saying this, do not disregard those who have just joined the digital game as they might become the most influential in a year’s time.

Personality Type: A celebrity can be an influencer but so can an environmental activist, a mommy blogger or a private concierge. Before starting an influencer campaign, define the ideal influencer persona that will best suit your brand interests.

Location: Although you may want to reach a specific location, remember that the web is international and influencers often exert authority without borders.

Roxanne Genier