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Expertise is earned.

Armed with a little black book, years of specially curated experience, and a genuine desire to listen to what is happening in the luxury world, our team can gain leverage in a fiercely competitive world. The ethos of luxury seems to have changed, no longer is it solely about high priced products from a handful of exclusive brands, now luxury is creative, energized, the lines are blurring and indulging in the experience of luxury seems to matter the most to affluent consumers. In order to reach them, you need to have all the right friends.

A high class, determined and savvy luxury insider is worth their weight in gold and can open the heavy oak door to a vault of knowledge when it comes to consumer profiles, behavior insight and trends, social media strategy and luxury brand identity design. As a consultant for luxury brands we keep our ear to the ground, we immerse ourselves fully in the digital world, we study the failures and achievements of successful brands and we follow leaders with strong opinions on social media. This collaboration and collection of in-depth research, understanding, and networking enables us to continuously question ourselves and further our understanding of the affluent consumer segment.

Luxury consulting for brands can give you an inside edge when it comes to leverage. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes glittering with expertise is the perfect remedy for taking your business to that all-important next level. Luxury consulting is like a well-choreographed dance where the stage is set, the audience is poised with attention and every step makes perfect sense. Luxury is a lifestyle to embrace, a slip of silk to feel, a religion to dedicate yourself to, and a glorious deep bodied wine that should roll around the tongue. Yet good luxury marketing is not only indulgent, it is also intuitive, has the ability to see deep into the folds and can curate tailored solutions that work harmoniously with the brand and their consumer as the meeting of two great minds.

As luxury insiders, here are a few things we can do for you:
Consumer Profiles, Behaviour, Insights, and Trends | Competitive and Comparative Analysis | Contextual Industry Research | Blogger, Influencer and Media Research | Social Media Strategy | Relationship Building and Lead Generation | Luxury Brand Positioning | Luxury Advertising | Living the Brand | Luxury Brand Identity Design