think social

be luxury

Sociability is honest likeability.

Social media, you either love it or the very word sends a shiver of distaste down your spine, but whichever way you look it’s showing no signs of bowing out gracefully anytime soon. When used right social media can be an incredible way to network. You can see social network as one big soiree where you don your pearls, grab a glass of Dom Perignon and glide around the room interacting with everyone in sight and generally creating a beautiful buzz. This is social strategy and luxury marketing at its finest.

Yet for many luxury brands, social media simply seems that you bite off more than you can chew and in many cases this is true. High quality and effective luxury social media aren’t just about swinging by to say hi before grabbing your coat tails and fleeing the scene, it’s a commitment that lasts all night. There are so many channels to monitor, so much content to filter, so many interactions to make, pokes, prods, shares, tweets, status updates; it’s no wonder luxury brands may feel that the effort of social synergy has lost its sheen.

That being said social media is not something to be swept under the carpet even for the best established and most mature brands. Social media is a goldmine of free publicity, a treasure trove of customer connections and a fast and effective way to prevent damage to your brands’ reputation. Social management is the way you deliver the personal touch to your business, how you converse openly with consumers, creatively collect marketing research and spread the allure of your products far and wide.

Fortunately for those luxury brands who want to join the social media revolution without getting tied down in the details, luxury marketing can pave the way. We can guide you through the labyrinth showing you which social media channels to focus your energy on to interact with your niche market. We can help you identify which type of content you should create and share to truly inspire, engage and encourage your fan base. Above all, we can nudge together connections with influencers who will help to propagate your brand, and we can create a lively buzz around your brand.

Luxury brands shouldn’t shy away from social media driven by the desire to keep their exclusive nature under wraps. Yet luxury brands seeking social media marketing should opt for a company who understands the luxury niche so the mystique doesn’t simply get blown out the water. Using social media for promoting a luxury lifestyle, offering high-end interactions, selling your brand story and pulling consumers towards you ensures that you strike a beautiful balance in the world of luxury social media.