think digital

be luxury

Digital is your new storefront.

The luxury world has been dragging its heels slightly when it comes to climbing aboard the internet trend train. We all adore the idea that luxury is about the name, the heritage, the experience and this often means tempting consumers to come and enter the world you create for them. Yet with over ninety percent of the earth’s population online odds are they are going to click on your website before they set foot in your store.

There’s an old saying that you only have one chance to make a great first impression and for luxury brands this is as paramount as could be. Luxury marketing often treats their stores as holy temples, someplace where the affluent can slip in, sip a glass of champagne, see beautiful things and enjoy flawless attention from incredibly well-trained representatives. The challenge is on to take your 3D world of beauty, sheer inspiration and style and apply this to your online space in a way that entices consumers to stay a little longer.

The common conception is that web design has to be functional, clean, SEO friendly and simple to use. None of these words are particularly inspiring for a business that builds its prestige on adjectives like inspiring, indulgent, haunting, and glamorous. Yet we can let you in on the secret, the bottom line is that you don’t have to compromise your creativity to move your brand online, especially when it comes to web design. Luxury web design is an art form in its own right and with the right marketing company, there’s no reason to feel trepidation and every reason to feel the tingle of inspiration deep in your bones.

Web design for luxury brands should still sip the classic martini of being easy to use, SEO friendly, clean, clear-cut and informative, but like any good cocktail, there’s always room for creative twists. Web design starts as a blank canvas, one you can fill with gorgeous imagery, beautiful fonts, inspired statements, award-winning content and even sassy multimedia. Your web page should capture the unique heritage and richness of your brand and illustrate this in every corner of the page.

There is a heavier pressure for luxury brands to be better online if consumers are flocking to your virtual door to spend big money then the last thing they want is to leave frustrated. Poor navigation, lengthy load times, little effort in design and automatic audio are just a few of the pet hates that can cause consumers to flee the room and this should be taken into consideration as part of your website design.

In short, you are weaving a virtual world of your own making, one where your clients can come and breathe easy knowing that they are in the presence of your brand. Of course, you can’t virtually pour them a glass of champagne but there are other ways in which you can make your web design an experience for them, all it takes is a touch of luxury marketing magic.