Painting with Words and Content Marketing

Luxury marketing isn’t about selling a product, it’s about gifting a dream, shaking the senses to life and finding a way in which words paint a picture and inspire your audience. Luxury content writing should weave a fabric of fabulousness, should transport a consumer directly to another world and shouldn’t patronize with the hard sell. In short good luxury content marketing is a labor of love and should hold all the same colors and charm as writing a novella.

Embracing the art of content marketing in the luxury niche is a far cry from your standard advertorial, you are aiming to give your consumers the tools to make a better purchasing decision, you are taking the ethical stand, you are exuding positivity and you are arousing a desirable emotion in the reader. What you are aiming to do with a smattering of words is to take your reader out dancing beneath the stars and seduce them with the art of writing. Of course this doesn’t mean your paragraphs should be cloaked in clichés, overly sentimental and seasoned to death but it should be strong, beautiful and faithful to your brand.

Everyone knows that the allure of luxury purchases is all about the experience, yet this experience starts as soon as a potential consumer reads the words on your page. Whether you choose to communicate through blogs, social media channels, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics – the pleasure of reading your content should never leave the consumers side. With luxury content marketing this is your chance to make your story shine and your brands true personality should never be far from the words etched on the page. Luxury brands should never cheapen their image but with careless, slap dash and ‘salesy’ content they do just that which immediately snatches the trust away. Honesty, beauty, illusion – all these things can weave together to create great content for your brand.

The Guardian recently published an article bewitching the world to fire their copywriters and hire journalists. The ethos was that journalists can capture great stories and lend a sense of humanity to their writing as opposed to convincing every patron on the corner to buy their product. The golden line of great luxury marketing strategy is to draw consumers into your world instead of pushing products in their face; this is exactly what high quality content can do for your brand.

Showcasing the luxury world in a way that pertains to your brand can be done successfully through content marketing as long as you have a good storyteller in the room. Anyone dabbling in the world of SEO will have heard the tried and tested phrase that content is king, yet luxury content should be the royal emperor dressed to dazzle in all his finery.

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― Maxine Genier


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