It feels simply fantastic!

I have written it before, creating an engaging blog that people want to read takes a lot of passion and dedication. The first year in blogging is the hardest since everything seems to go in slow motion. You keep asking yourself “Why am I doing this again?” and everyone around you wonders the same. Then all of a sudden you notice your site traffic picking up and new fans following you on social media every day. This is when you remember why you blog – to share your expertise with those who seek it. You get excited, then at one point you start getting too many emails to keep up with, and this is when you get hooked by the fun of fit all.

Being nominated by a panel of industry experts as one of the Top 20 best luxury travel bloggers felt incredible, but being voted as one of the Top 10 best luxury travel bloggers by readers feels ever better.

I remember when I started, looking up at JustLuxe and Pursuitist, simply trying to determine the voice of our own blog. Their success seemed so out-of-reach, but I told myself “What do you have to lose if you try? If you know you can contribute to the industry in a new way, why not just take it one post at a time?”

At first, we mostly blogged about new luxury – product launches, new marketing campaign, but then we came into our own when we started focusing more and more on luxury travel. As someone who spends her life traveling the world, it simply made more sense. I have never bought a Louis Vuitton handbag, that is simply not my style, but I have been aboard superyachts, stayed at five-star hotels and eaten in some of the best restaurants in the world. I asked myself “If you were suddenly a billionaire, what would you do with the money?” The answer was simple – buy a luxury yacht and travel the world. To become successful at blogging, we needed to follow our passion with LuxeInACity, and our passion was luxury travel.

Obviously, Maxine and I couldn’t have done this alone. A great thanks to all our writers and contributors who have shared inspiring stories with us for our readers. A special thanks to Mahasweta Bhattacharyya who has become the gate-keeper of LuxeInACity, the one who makes sure everything is just right.

If you are curious to know who else made the top 10 Best Luxury Travel Bloggers for 2014 list by popular vote, here they are:

1. Nicolle Monico of Just Luxe
2. Yasmin Pullman  of Luxury Travel Diary
3. Ana Silva O’Reilly of Mrs. O Around the World
4. Christopher Parr of Pursuitist
5. Roxanne Genier and Maxine Genier of LuxeInACity – yes that’is us!
6. Carol Perehudoff of Wandering Carol
7. Kim-Marie Evans of Luxury Travel Mom
8. Melanie Brandman of The Travel Curator
9. Brooke Saward of World of Wanderlust
10. Emily Stephens of The Luxe Travel

We also want to mention the other 10 amazing bloggers who were nominated in the Top 20 Best Luxury Travel Bloggers by the panel of experts. They are, in no particular order,

Nyssa Chopra  of The Cultureur
Ian Garstang of Luxury Travels
Keith Jenkins of  Velvet Escape
Dr. Paul Johnson of  A Luxury Travel Blog
Mark Jolly of globorati
Tom Muyllaert of Luxury Travel Butler
Amie O’Shaughnessy of Ciao Bambino!
Lesley Peterson of CultureTripper
Maria Russo  of The Culture-ist
Ava Stochinsky of Vagablond

Lastly, I would like to say “Thank You” to Judy Colbert (, Katie Dillon (La Jolla Mom), Jennifer Miner (The Vacation Gals), Elizabeth Thorp (Poshbrood) and Mary Ann Treger (USA Today contributor) who nominated us in the first place.

Roxanne Genier