This year’s Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census provides an interesting overview and analysis of the world’s billionaire population. This is a selection of some of those facts pertaining to 7 of the top billionaire cities, with a focus on factors that are pertinent to marketing in the luxury market.

1. Dubai
The vast majority of the billionaires in Dubai (91%) have made all, or most, of their wealth. 68% are philanthropists. Interestingly, approximately 1 in 5 billionaires here have a specific interest in private jets.

2. Riyadh
10% of the billionaires in Riyadh are female. 95% of all billionaires here are active philanthropists, with interests primarily in education and humanitarian causes. 70% are interested in sport, especially soccer.

3. São Paulo
It is worth noting that 25% of the billionaires in São Paulo are female. Whilst 89% of the billionaires in this city are philanthropists, 19% are interested in art.

4. Mexico City
This city accounts for more than 75% of Mexico’s billionaire population. Two thirds of the billionaires here have donated to the country’s social causes. An interesting statistic is the fact that 43% of the billionaires here are interested in art.

5. Cairo
Every billionaire in Egypt is based in Cairo. All of them were born in Egypt and all of them are married. Most are philanthropists, preferring to be active through private foundations. 38% of Cairo’s billionaires are interested in soccer.

6. Lagos
The billionaires in Lagos are all Nigerian-born and, together, represent 25% of Africa’s billionaires. All of their primary businesses are privately owned, the top industry being oil, gas and consumable fuels. More than 60% of the billionaires are philanthropists, contributing to education, health and social issues in Nigeria. Half of the billionaires in Lagos are interested in private aviation.

7. Sydney
Only one of the billionaires in Sydney has fully inherited his wealth. All of the billionaires here are male. Most of the billionaires in Sydney are philanthropists, with a particular focus on health-related causes. 36% of all Sydney-based billionaires are interested in boating.

Roxanne Genier