Luxury is a concept that is hard to define. For some it is merely the opportunity to send children to school while for others it’s all about owning that second superyacht. Regardless of your social status or your cultural background, our society prizes two concepts of luxury above all else: money and free time.

The idea for this article came about when I was asked by a friend why I did not seek an outside investor to fund our growth like I once thought I needed to do. Sure, the additional funds would be more than welcome, but the mere concept of losing my freedom made me shiver. When I was young, I dreamt of living a luxurious lifestyle surrounded  by a beautiful home, a collection of premium cars, a yacht and a closet full of designer fashion clothes. Now, I find myself seeking the luxury of time above all else.

Let’s take a look at my day. It’s currently 10pm as I write this article. I will probably spend another two hours answering dozens of emails from luxury brands who want to be promoted on LuxeInACity or curating content for our superyacht clients. My work day started at 9am.

Rest assured, I am not to pity; I am living a digital lifestyle. My office is currently set in an oceanfront villa in a Mexican beach town. Every now and then, I either make my way to the pool or the beach for a quick dip in the turquoise waters, read a passage of my favorite book under a palm tree or enjoy a great conversation on Skype with my family.

I am still young, full of energy and I know that the next few years will require commitment, hard work and dedication in order to achieve great things for AgenceLuxury, LuxeInACity and our clients. To achieve the perfect work-life balance, I have adjusted my lifestyle so that I can work virtually from wherever I may choose. Seems impossible? Think again.

When I started LuxeInACity over two years ago, I asked myself one simple question: what lifestyle did I want to achieve? The one of my childhood dreams or something else. The answer was simple: I wanted to establish a digital agency that allowed every member of my team to balance their work-life schedule according to their individual needs. I also wanted everyone to be free of the typical office with white walls and neon lights. I wanted my team to be free of traditional constraints.

Two years later, my team and I are living the digital luxury lifestyle. My partner/sister Maxine currently lives in Sweden with her husband and two daughters; our team members are located in either Portugal, England, South Africa, India, Philippines, Canada or America; and our clients represent the Netherland, Canada, America and the open sea. We all work according to our schedule while adhering to tight deadlines. We communicate virtually and coordinate everything seamlessly through a digital project management system. If looked at from the outside world, we seem like a typical brick-and-mortar agency yet we are nothing of the sort. We breathe digital in every fiber of our lifestyle, therefore, we truly get the digital space.

A luxurious lifestyle can be defined by the amount of possessions in our care, or, if you are a member of our team, by the free time spent enjoying life.

What is your version of a luxury lifestyle? Could you see yourself living a digital life?


Roxanne Genier