You have heard the phrase two minds are better than one; well what about when you put three hundred minds in the same swanky room? This fall sees the return of one of the most coveted events of the high-class calendar –Luxury interactive. Beneath the silver drizzle of the London Sky with its trendy and chic Oxford Street, its beautiful palatial like parks and its achingly chic and trendy restaurants, you will find Luxury Interactive in full swing comes to the pumpkin filled season of October.

With over three hundred industry experts, top-level executives and marketing magicians, everyone is looking forward to a jam-packed agenda to listen, to speak, and to learn about the challenges, the solutions, the highs and the lows that those in the luxury niche have to face.

With the event perfectly tailored towards today’s growing trends in the trade this is an event that is sure to skyrocket industry knowledge and leave everyone with plenty of Michelin starred food for thought. Dealing in the art of bespoke digital solutions, the affluent agenda is set to cover such topics with thought-provoking talks on matters like; the fabulous future of luxury, next-generation communications, effective relationship strategies in the 21st century, building addictive apps and committing to the consumer through the art of social media.

Luxury Interactive Europe 2015 1

The two-day event goes on to cover the curves of plenty of ground leaving no stone unturned. This is a conference all about learning how to become personal online, building interactive mobile experiences, partnering with beautiful bloggers to curate a positive narrative, and how to correctly scale your business for foreign markets.

With savvy keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, solution lounges for innovative conversations, cocktail receptions and incredible lunches to boot, there is no doubt that Luxury Interactive is going to be an illuminating event. Luxury interactive staff are not only hosting and running the event but providing impeccable customer service and support throughout making it a networking dream for all involved.

Everyone knows the luxury industry is rapidly gliding at a rate of knots like a gleaming superyacht towards the future. The world is changing and the luxury niche must change with it. Formerly, exclusive brands relied on beautiful stores with personal shoppers and tiny bright macaroons to set them apart from the crowd, but with online retail becoming such a large entity how do you move your brand forward to be an integral part of that world? Luxury Interactive reminds us we are all on the same roads of adaption and change and that more minds are better than one. Networking for many luxury brands will certainly be high on the agenda as this is a perfect chance to meet other influencers and make lasting connections that start with a spark and turn into blazing opportunities across the scope.

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