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In its current liminal state, luxury is simply no longer the same. Originally coded in pedigree, pricing, and rarity, new luxury flaunts words such as transformative, experiential, and ethical. Navigating and decoding the new luxury landscape can be a daunting task, yet when armed with expert knowledge, personal connections and real-world experiences, the feeling of luxury can be mastered. As someone who has traveled the world of luxury for over a decade in search of her own luxury, I am proud to teach my findings in a series of online luxury brand management courses that are meant to further educate luxury professionals & entrepreneurs by providing additional luxury brand management insights, ideas, and tools.

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New Luxury & The Values Redefining Luxury

Course start date: September 1st, 2018

Luxury is being redefined. In a world of constant disruption brought on by the advent of new technology, the original code of luxury is currently being overthrown by a new set of rules. For luxury lovers, value is no longer prominently found in ownership but rather in an elevated state of living. And what this means for anyone trying to promote a luxury product or service is simple. You must first master the feeling of time and embrace the new values of luxury such as authenticity, transparency, sustainability and collaboration to reach the heart of soul of your prospective clients.

This online luxury brand management course is your guide to understanding the changing definition of luxury in a state of liminality where old rules and new rules are a constant duality. You will learn how to speak the new lexicon of luxury while staying true to its traditional foundations.

Price: $1250


Luxury Branding & The Art Of Luxury Storytelling

Course start date: January 1st, 2019

Luxury is chosen uniqueness. Playing with authenticity and identity, speaking your own personal luxury, and building a world of fact,  fiction and fantasy to delight, inspire and sweep the world off its feet, these are the foundation of luxury branding. We have all identified who we are and what our world is, and although it may seem like we need to emulate leading luxury brands to succeed, real success emerges when we give our product an authentic raison d’être, when we stay true to our core values and when we listen to the beating heart of our passionate community.

This online luxury brand management course is your guide to understanding how to fascinate luxury lovers by creating a brand identity that speaks from the heart in a refined luxury marketplace. You will learn how to perfect your luxury brand identity through its story, its visual identity, and its personality to give it an authentic uniqueness that will touch the soul of those who seek your own personal version of luxury.

Price: $1250


Luxury Touchpoints & The Experience Of Luxury

Course start date: May 1st, 2019

Luxury is curated experiences. Social media, influencer marketing, public relations, marketing automation, product placements, content marketing, paid & organic search, pop-ups and co-branded partnerships, when every promotion tactic is available to everyone, luxury needs to remain discerning in their communication choices to maintain high standards of quality and authenticity ensuring an effortless & luxurious customer experience. Letting your fans navigate their way through a storm of available channels is simply not the way to gain loyalty in luxury today.

This online luxury brand management course is your guide to understanding the range of touchpoints available to luxury brands today, to gain access to best-in-class luxury communication case studies, and to build a communication strategy that will most appeal to your current luxury customer fan base. You will learn to perfect your luxury customer journey in an omnichannel marketing approach.

Price: $1250


Luxury Trends & The Future Of Luxury

Course start date: September 1st, 2019

Luxury is being disrupted. Big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, automation, robotization, blockchain, digital currencies, and the elevated state of everything leaves us asking “What is the future of luxury?” When avatars are becoming influencers, when robots are invading social media, when chatbots are replacing customer service agents, the playing field is no longer the same. Everything we once embraced as true seems to be losing its influence over the way luxury lovers are connecting with brands.

This online luxury brand management course is your guide to understanding the trends that are shaping the new luxury customer journey landscape and the opportunities available to those who want to serve the future of luxury. You will learn how to decode the luxury brand management trends of the future.

Price: $1250