The cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy lies in the ability to reach a large customer base. One of the most powerful and influential classes of market that both the marketers and the brands cannot afford to overlook is the affluent group. This upper class has been growing exponentially over the past few years and has come to occupy a large portion of the market share – representing more than 25% of any country’s top income levels. They demand attention, they are influential, and their purchasing power makes them the crème de la crème of the market.

The United States of America has the largest pool of affluent customers, followed closely by Europe. Moreover, reports suggest that, within the next decade, Asia will be home to over a billion affluent customers. This kind of market share cannot be ignored by brands and marketers. Understanding these Affluent customers – their capacity for influence and their decision-making power – is going to help in staying competitive and relevant in this changing global scenario.

Reaching out and connecting with this elite group has become a must for marketers and brands worldwide. Existing market solutions such as offline surveys are not going to be helpful, as they are lengthy, expensive and inaccurate. That is where comes to your aid. With a platform built by one of Asia’s leading research firms – Agility Research and Strategy – the processes of research and market survey are made easier, simpler and far more accurate than ever before. The Affluential tools give brands an accurate insight into the decision-making minds of the ‘Influential Affluent’ spread across the globe. This customer group influences the market and the buying decisions of others, and defines the way a brand is going to be received in any market. Regardless of whether you are planning to sell a handbag or a sports car, Affluential gives you access to Influential Affluent customers who form a major segment for brands and markets to target.

Affluential lets you create powerful surveys and reach out to global panels of affluent customers easily. Affluential recruits these customers using various innovative methods – CEO referral campaigns, luxury publisher tie-ups, frequent flyer programs, clubs and financial services. These members then undergo a rigorous verification process to make sure that you get the right respondent profile to get accurate and quality results. This database is refreshed, updated and verified regularly so that you get high quality results from the Influential Affluent.

With access to more than 25% of any global market, every marketing manager, owner, business planner, or a consultant sitting anywhere in the world, can fine-tune their marketing strategy and approach it in a better manner. With a fast lead time, diverse global reach and efficient research methods, Affluential takes away the most cumbersome and complex market research process and provides luxury brands with fast and accurate results for better strategy-making.

With a huge database of more than 38 million affluent respondents from around the world, access to the global consumer’s mind is at your fingertips. This mammoth-sized database can easily be filtered by country and income levels. With rich charts, custom-made questionnaires, expert opinions of consultants, multi-language capabilities and easy payment modes, reaching out to Affluent customers is made easy. makes sure that the world is an open playing field for all businesses and brands allowing you to make sure your products reach their target customers without any hassles. Affluential brings its expertise, experience and global market insight to your fingertips.

Don’t hesitate to browse Affluential ‘s website to learn more about their luxury consumer research services, or if you need an introduction, simply reach out to us.


Roxanne Genier