Having traveled to over 65 countries while working aboard prestigious superyachts owned by Russian billionaires, American celebrities or successful entrepreneurs or as a personal assistant to ultra-high network individuals, Roxanne gained a unique perspective into the UHNWI market. She now offers her knowledge to boutique brands that cater to this niche audience.

Roxanne is currently roaming the world to make new connections and to curate and create fresh luxury travel content for LuxeInACity, our digital showroom.


One is the luxury expert while the other is the creative marketing guru.


An adept of design, social media and digital marketing, Maxine enjoys the creative challenge of designing bespoke campaigns and stunning imagery that engage conversation with both luxury consumers and affluent travelers.

Maxine lives in Sweden with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She spends her leisure time exploring Europe with her family to perfect her skills as a travel photographer.

Opinions, Features and Interviews

Featured in What’s the future of luxury? by Fortune Magazine. (December 2014)
Nominated as Top 20 Luxury Travel Blog by USA Today and 10 Best. (August 2014)
Featured as Top 25 influencer for #luxury on WeFollow. (Ongoing)
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Selected as Honorary Judge for UK at Luxury Lifestyle Awards. (May 2014)
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Selected as Media Partner at Luxury Lifestyle Awards. (April 2014)
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Featured and selected as media partner in Seven Star Magazine . (May 2013)
Selected as One of Quebec’s Top 25 Emerging Entrepreneurs at C2MTL. (April 2013)