It might come as a shock to some PR agencies, but bloggers don’t really need PR pitches to find great subjects to write about. It’s true. Simply ask yourself why a luxury blogger writes on a particular niche market and you might understand why. Could it be that they are experts on the subject with years of experience in the field? Could it be that they started their blog to finally organize all the information that was floating around in their head?

If a PR rep took a little amount of time to do some research on me they would understand why I write about luxury and luxury travel. For starters, I have actually lived aboard a superyacht for over four years working as a deckhand (yes, I am a sailor); I have worked as a personal assistant/private concierge for UHNW individuals for over 4 years; and I have traveled to over 65 countries in the last 10 years. I was also in the Canadian Naval Reserve and was trained in Naval Intelligence so finding what I call “luxury intelligence” is as easy as 1-2-3 for me. Finding out my credentials as a luxury and luxury travel expert is fairly easy. It’s all on my LinkedIn profile and page.

Saying this, I love working with PR agencies that truly get the web, but I have to admit, there are few of them who truly make the cut. I have blogged for over two years now and have received thousands of PR pitch about products, brands, events and campaigns related to luxury and luxury travel. You would assume that I would have over a thousand new PR friends by now, but I don’t. I can probably name 10 PR reps by name and might recognize another 30-50 when I receive their emails. As for the others, they simply keep sending me generic copy/paste emails thinking that I will OBVIOUSLY run their content on my blog. Nope, not happening. Google hates duplicate content, therefore we will NEVER publish a press release. You might has well stop sending them to us; they go directly in our trash bin.

On a side note, I have to say that small business owners  who don’t have the budget to pay a PR firm do a much better job at reaching out to us directly. Why? Because they haven’t been trained in old PR and are reaching out to us as a real-life person with a clear and simple message that says “Help Me”.

We have a general rule here at LuxeInACity, if you don’t personalize your message, make an effort to connect and reach out to us by using our names (Roxanne and Maxine – not Maxime), we simply won’t work with you to promote your brand. It’s that simple and I can pretty much guarantee you that every other blogger out there feels the same.

So if you want to work with a luxury blogger, follow these simply guidelines:

  • Get to know them personally
  • Do show the value in your message
  • Do keep in touch through social media
  • Do respect them as leaders and experts in their field.
  • and do remember that YOU NEED THEM more than they need you.

So if you want to work with LuxeInACity to promote your luxury or luxury travel brand, start now by becoming our friend on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook. Once we know who you are and what you stand for, we will most likely work with you and help you with your marketing/PR/social media and SEO efforts.

Simple isn’t’ it so why doesn’t everyone do it?


Roxanne Genier