Although you might love to create awesome videos for YouTube, if you are targeting women, you might simply be wasting precious time and money. The same can be said about Pinterest if you are targeting men.

Think of it this way: guys often hang-out at a local pub watching a baseball/football/hockey/soccer game with a beer in hand, while girls love to shop all day then dress up to meet girlfriends for a few martinis at a trendy lounge. Of course, there are exceptions, but as a general rule, men and women are just different, and they, usually, don’t hang out at the same places.

The same can be said about social media. If your luxury brand targets one gender, you have to pay attention to the demographics of the social network before you decide to jump all in and spend a lot of time and money. Being good at social media can be expensive, so it’s important to invest wisely.

This post is inspired by an email chain with one of our clients who simply insist that they must have a strong YouTube presence because “everyone in the industry is there” and “that is what we need to do”.  About the brand: they target women over 30 years old with an income above $100,000.

The series of videos they have produced so far, against our recommendations, are not “must-see” videos. They don’t show the brand at its finest and are simply boring to watch therefore they barely attract any attention from anyone. In fact, not a single video created and published in the last six months has been viewed more than 50 times! With more than 1 billion unique users who visit YouTube each month, and with over 6 billion hours of videos watched each month on YouTube, this should be a sign that

1- no one is interested in the video series;

2- continuing this path will incurs unnecessary costs;

3- since 78% of YouTube’s audience is male – only 23% female – they should simply focus their attention on other social networks. Those who are visited by females and who will bring in targeted website traffic aka Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Yes they could spend thousands of dollars to create high-end videos, but why not invest in Pinterest a mere fraction of the costs to grow their presence on Pinterest, a social network that is mostly all female (68%) and that is simply awesome at generating traffic to a website.  We can only advice and hope they read this blog post ;)

Roxanne Genier