Top 10 Superyacht Superyacht Builders

Top 10 Superyacht Builders To Make Your Dream A Reality

From the design, type, speed, length and amenities, there are a lot of details to think about when purchasing a custom-made superyacht. Having worked aboard superyachts for several years, I got the chance to experience their luxury amenities and their layout first hand. Whether you have a design in mind or are starting from scratch, below is a list of the top 10 superyacht builders with years of experience turning their client’s visions of their ideal superyachts into reality.

1.     Feadship

Feadship, which stands for First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, is recognized as the world leader in pure custom-built yachts. Based in the Netherlands, the company launched more than 250 superyachts since 1949 and specializes in newly built motoryachts between 40 and 100 meters.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Feadship

Personal Note: I had the pleasure to be a member of the launch crew of MY Anna, a 220' Feadship masterpiece. If you look closely at the picture below, you will see me at the helms of  MY Anna, docking her in Marmaris, Turkey. What an experience!! 




  2.     Lürssen

A family business since 1875, this Germany-based leading shipyard has built more than 13,000 boats, ships and yachts, and specializes in building new yachts between 60 and 150 meters.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Lürssen

Personal note: I was a member of the launch crew of MY Apoise, a 220' Lurssen superyacht with the best crew accommodations I have ever seen. Lürssen does understand the importance of the crew and treats them like members of their extended family.  


  3.     Heesen

Founded in 1978, Heesen Yachts is dedicated to its company motto of providing one key principle: “The Performance of Luxury.” The Netherlands-based company builds and designs modern luxury superyachts with cutting edge technology, and is a leading builder of aluminum luxury yachts.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Heesen

Personal note: Heesen recenly launched MY Galactica Star, which I had the pleasure to tour in Monaco. Although I have never worked aboard an Heesen superyacht, MY Galactica Star is a dream! It's beach club is by far the best I have seen. 




 4.     Perini Navi

Based in Viareggio, Italy, the Perini Navi Group is made up of four companies that operates in five specific markets: large sail yachts from 40 to 60 meters; large sail yachts more than 60 meters; a racing line of sailing yachts, a fast cruising line of sailing yachts, and Picchiotti motor yachts.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Perini Navi

5.   Trinity Yachts

Located on the Gulf Coast of the United States, Trinity Yachts designs, engineers, builds and delivers custom yachts at one facility. The company can build designs up to 123 meters, and is one of the elite builders of custom superyachts with focus on European quality, steel and aluminum constructions.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Trinity Yachts

Personal note: Maxine and I both worked aboard a Trinity superyacht. Maxine was actually a member of the launch crew of MY Imagine. She spend several months at the shipyard prepping the yacht for this maiden voyage. She loved her experience. I worked aboard MY My Iris in the Hamptons for a season. The yacht was exquisite.

6.   Amels

In 1982, Amels became a global brand leader in yacht building and has since then launched more than 30 custom yachts. Located in Vlissingen, Holland, the company builds custom superyachts, as well as limited edition superyachts for clients who want luxury yachts in less time.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Amels

7.   Christensen

In 1982, Dave Christensen set out to build his own yacht after failing to find a builder up to his standards. Three years later, Christensen was incorporated to build luxury yachts and his company now has the capabilities to build yachts up to 65 meters in length.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Christensen

8.   Oceanco

Oceanco has been designing and building large luxury custom yachts since 1990. Although their shipyard is based in the Netherlands, they also have design, sales, marketing and administrative offices in Monaco.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Oceanco

9.   Blohm & Voss

Founded in 1877, this German shipbuilder is known for building naval vessels and sophisticated megayachts. For existing superyacht owners, Blohm & Voss’s facilities offer the space to refit and repair luxury vessels up to 300 meters.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Blohm & Voss

10.   Benetti

Voted as the world’s leading builder of custom mega yachts by ShowBoats International magazine, Benetti was founded by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873 and has built nearly 300 boats since then. The company is headquartered in Viareggio, Italy, where they build semi-custom composite yachts and custom steel and aluminum yachts.

Top 10 Superyacht Builders Benetti

Personal note: Since MY Starfire's captain is both a patron and a good friend, I sailed from Fort Lauderdale to Miami aboard MY Starfire. Although the weather was rough, she handled it like a charm. Her sundeck is truly a great space to enjoy the sea-salt air.




If you are considering building or chartering a new superyacht, reach out to us and we will gladly point you in the right direction. We regularly keep in touch with the best in the industry.