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10 Luxury Magazines Targeting Europe’s Affluent

When it comes to luxury brand marketing in Europe, one of the best platforms to use is a range of luxury magazines that are designed specifically for a sophisticated and affluent readership. We have selected the Top 10 magazines (in no particular order) that do just this.

Le Grand Mag

Le Grand Mag is dedicated to “extremely well living”. It covers everything that is to do with an extraordinary life, from helicopters to beauty, from lingerie to cars.


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 The Wealth Collection

For advice on luxurious enjoyment, the affluent need look no further than The Wealth Collection. This magazine caters to an exclusive readership and focuses on both managing a personal fortune and embracing the very best in life.


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 Luxury Life Magazine

The Swiss-based Luxury Life Magazine is distributed exclusively to HNWI and UHNWI. With an estimated global readership in excess of half a million, it is an ideal advertising platform for luxury brands.


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 Sur La Terre

Sur La Terre focuses on the unique and sophisticated. In addition to covering the latest global trends, the 10 editions across Europe and the Middle East feature regional content for the affluent.


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 Deutsch Magazine

German luxury magazine Deutsch focuses on fashion and society. It aims to set new trends through high quality content and extensive photography series.


Top 10 Luxury Magazines Targeting Europes Affluent 5

 Reality Sense

Villae International is “for connoisseurs of the good things in life”. It is the official publication of EREN – the European Real Estate Network. This magazine is the epitome of quality and excellence.


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The newly launched Hearst Magazinez UK offers a British take on high society, high culture and high fashion. It has the same wit and sophistication as the US publication whilst targeting the UK’s luxury market.


Top 10 Luxury Magazines Targeting Europes Affluent 7

Kempinski Magazine

The Kempinski Magazine is only available at certain exclusive locations, such as Kempinksi hotels and Sixt saloons. It is a celebration of all that is beautiful and elegant.


Top 10 Luxury Magazines Targeting Europes Affluent 8

Robb Report

The renowned Robb Report is synonymous with the global luxury market. It covers all aspects of the ultra-affluent lifestyle, targeting sophisticated connoisseurs the world over.


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Departures is a luxury magazine that targets affluent readers interested in travel, fashion, shopping, lifestyle, art and culture. In particular, it is aimed at American Express’ Platinum Card and Centurion members.


Top 10 Luxury Magazines Targeting Europes Affluent 10

Luxury Products

Defining The Characteristics of Luxury Products

Branding a luxury product and creating an effective marketing strategy for a luxury brand, involves a unique type of strategy; one that begins with an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of luxury products. The luxury goods industry is significant and not only has substantial market value, but is also an industry that has experienced significant growth over the last 10 years. Typically, there are four main categories within the luxury market: fashion, perfumes and cosmetics, wines and spirits and watches and jewelry; however, other categories, such as automobiles, have also recently found their way into this industry.


Characterizing Luxury Products

Defining what makes a product a ‘luxury product’ can sometimes be difficult, but there are a few key characteristics that can help give a brand or product a luxury label. When it comes to the physical, or functional, components of luxury products, typically these items or brands, can be identified by certain associations tied to the product’s characteristics. The average luxury brand is associated with three characteristics: high price tag, high quality and aesthetics. Typically, luxury brands or products will attempt to associate their brand name with these three associations and to show their target consumers that their brand encompasses these three features. The average luxury brand also has a clear brand identity and signature, places emphasis on product integrity, and offers their products at a premium price.


Criteria and Specifications of Luxury Brands

When it comes to defining a line or a brand as a ‘luxury brand,’ it needs to meet certain specifications. Typically a brand can only be defined as ‘luxury,’ within the market, if it evokes the three aforementioned associations within the mind of consumers. Most experts will also define a luxury brand as one that is not distorted by other external influences. This includes the marketing efforts of competitors. When a brand is truly a luxury brand, its image cannot be tarnished by others.

When a brand has emerged as a true luxury brand, it will be a true master of influencing the perceptions of consumers. For example, a Rolex watch will not suddenly stop being defined as a luxury watch brand, because of a marketing effort by Citizen, as Rolex is a true luxury brand. This is why no other luxury watch brands even attempt to discredit the quality of Rolex watches in their marketing campaigns.


Building The Luxury Brand Image

It is important to remember that not all luxury products are created equal, there are different levels of luxury brands, ranging from entry level to elite level niche brands. Different types or levels of luxury brand items need to be communicated in different manners. Typically, well crafted marketing communications are considered to be the key to building the image of a luxury brand. When it comes to creating communications for luxury brands, as opposed to standard or premium brands, different types of communications are needed. This typically includes celebrity endorsements, positive public relations and promotional events. By highlighting the main defining characteristics of the luxury brand during these promotional communications, a positive luxury image can be crafted and a strong brand identity can be promoted.