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Luxury Spotlight: Scott Eddy, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker & Consultant

A serial entrepreneur, Scott Eddy is the digital guru you can depend on to help you form lasting meaningful relationships for your business. With an enviable base of followers, he sure knows how to create and nurture relationships. Offering corporate training and consulting services for individuals and businesses, he is also a noted public speaker specializing on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Startups, Social Media, Sales, and Motivation.

According to him, “I love starting companies, so when I get an idea, and have the situation (and time) to do it, then I do it.” Presently, he owns a digital agency in Bangkok, where he has a great team, along with whom he manages what he loves to do most – connect with people.

Let’s take a look at how he began on his career as a digital nomad.



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As someone who is both an entrepreneur and on a PanAmerican road trip, your blog post "What  it’s like to be an entrepreneur and a serious traveler at the same time" resonated with me. You talk about using social media to connect with people in real-life throughout your travels. Any tips on how to find the right people to connect with?

Whenever I am going to a new country, before I go I always go through Twitter to see who is the most active and engaging (brands and people) I try to connect with them, and usually a good group of people reach out to me. I use Twitter for this because out of all the social media platforms, Twitter is the quickest way to connect with someone.

There has been a lot of controversies surrounding Facebook in the last year and many brands have considered shutting down their account for good. In this new Facebook era, what do you recommend to brands who are trying to build a loyal following on Facebook.

Facebook is definitely making it harder everyday. Basically I would say you 'have to' set aside a budget to do paid campaigns through Facebook, if that is against what you believe it, then I feel it will be impossible to build a huge following on there. And if you do achieve it, the way they have things set up, even if you do have a huge following, if you are not paying for 'boosts' or 'sponsored' posts, then your following will not see most of what you post anyway.

Twitter is a great way to build connections with industry peers. As someone who now has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, can you give us a tip on how to build a loyal fan base?

This is exactly what I talk about when I do consulting for this industry. The first thing I recommend is to find your competitors, and see who is engaging with them, see who follows them, and follow those people. From my experience, if I follow 100 of those people, usually about 25-50% of them will follow back. And if you are doing this everyday, think about the possibilities. I say this to everyone, and I will say to you as well, Twitter is the best platform out there!!!!!


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Instagram is a great way to both capture your travel and connect with others who share the same passion. What type of pictures do you find works best to inspire likes and comments from the community?

I think it depends on your following. I usually post quotes, travel pics and, of course, food pics. You have to remember, most of social media is people living vicariously through other people, so try to post unique images, things with the 'wow effect.'

Although a lot of brands tend to dismiss Google + for other social networks, Google seems keen on making it a leader.  In your opinion, should brands give this network the chance it deserves?

I feel that unless you are deep into the technology, this platform is useless. I know some people have success there, but I just don't see it. I have tried a few times with zero success. If its working for you, I applaud you, but I am done with it.

Of all the social media channels you engage on, which one do you prefer and why?

I think my answer is a little obvious. I don't think anything can touch Twitter. You can connect with someone immediately, with less than 12% of all accounts are private you can see what they are talking about and who they are engaging with, and this is the place that most news agencies are getting their first reports it's definitely the place to be for me!


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Do you monitor your Klout score on a daily/weekly basis? Do you think this social ranking is of any real value to determine influence?

Klout is an interesting topic. While I think it is a remarkable tool, I doubt the credibility behind it. Let me give you an example, about a year ago I had a ranking of 76, at that time I had about 250-275K followers on Twitter, and less than 5K on Facebook and Instagram. Now I am much more engaging, have over 500K followers on Twitter and 20K on Facebook and 30K on Instagram (and did I mention MUCH more engaging) and now my Klout score is 72. For me, Klout is EXTREMELY frustrating and I just don't get how they get their scores.

In your opinion, which social media will lead the way in the next 5-10 years?

I think Twitter will get much more relevant, and I think while Facebook will still be relevant, I think they will push more and more people away.

If you had to mentor a new social media newbie, what is your go-to advice to become successful?

Build relationships!!! To be honest, that is all I do on Twitter. I am not looking to sell anything, I have no other motive. I want to make as many friends as I can around the world, because some of those relationships will turn into long-lasting business relationships.

Want to connect with him? Find him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. Or, you can reach out to us for an introduction.

How To Sever Your Relationship With A Luxury Blogger

When The Relationship Between Brand And Influencer Suffers

Creating an initial buzz around your brand might simply require you to pay a few key influencers to spread your message. But apart from a short term influx of traffic, and maybe a few sales, will this tactic really bring tangible value to your brand's overall digital presence? If a blogger or social media star is paid a lump sum to either publish a  blog, tweet and/or post a link on their Facebook wall, one has to wonder if they will ever work with that brand again for free? Will they provide the relationship between brand and influencer? Will the influencer provide more value then what is stated in the agreement? Will they create a long-lasting social synergy to stay true to their original recommendation? Maybe, maybe not.


We once consulted with this digital brand that used this technique to drive new members to join their newsletter. The brand paid a notable blogger over $4,000 to tweet to her 100 000+ fans about this great new website. The results was a sudden influx of new sign-ups, but then... nothing much happened. This campaign didn't have a lasting effect because it fell short on a few things.

First, the blogger had to be convinced with money (a lot of it) that the brand was one she should tweet about. Since she had no emotional connection to the brand itself she didn't feel the need to provide additional value to the brand other than what was stated in her agreement.

Second, she simply didn't have the right audience. She had hundreds of thousands of fans but if the brand had paid attention they would have noticed that her tweeter feed did not have the right type of followers. The brand sold luxury products in excess of $500 but when you looked at the blogger's fan base, you could easily notice that her fans were young adults who, although longed for these types of products, could, more than likely, never truly afford them.


We also came across a similar situation when we managed the social media channels and blog of a famous Canadian personality. She was under contract with a dairy brand to tweet sporadically about the products. We were actually shocked when we read her agreement: every one of her tweets was pre-planned by the brand months in advance! She didn't even have the authority to create her own tweets! We know for a fact that her tweets resulted in very little results. She barely wanted to send them out; her fans, who followed her every move, noticed the "fake factor" of every one of these tweets. It was obvious they weren't really hers. A real shame.


An influencer campaign can be successful if done the right way. Paying bloggers and social media influencers to share your message can work, if you identity the right influencers and create the right campaign. You should then ask them to create engaging content that fits their audience. Give them the tools and the leeway to come up with the campaign with you. They understand their audience better than you; they know what works and what doesn't; and they sincerely hope for your success. These influencers have usually achieved the social success you are longing for, so you might as well listen to their tips and recommendations.

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