How To Measure Your Social Influence

Simply put, influence matters. And if you want to persuade fellow influencers to engage with you, you should try to gain some traction yourself. Apart from building your social media communities on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, one of the most common challenges for brands is to measure the return-on-investment (ROI) of their social media campaigns. Let’s face it, there is no cookie-cutter answer to determine the power of social media. Otherwise, we would have people like Justin Bieber setup a campaign to become the next American Presidential candidate!


So, how to measure your social influence?  Here are a few tools to help you track and build your social media influence over time.


1. Klout: Arguably the most popular social media influencing tracking tool, Klout uses a proprietary algorithm to give out a score that compares you against others. According to Klout, “Influence is the ability to drive action. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s influence. The more influential you are, the higher your Klout score”.


Here is a screenshot of LuxeInACity’s Klout profile. Our current score of 59 sets us as an influence in our community. This scores seems to change every time we check and we don't take it too seriously.





 2. PeerIndex: 

By looking at the long term influence of social media users, PeerIndex tries to classify each post into the following eight categories: news & society, leisure & lifestyle, science and environment, technology and internet, health and medical, sports, business & finance and arts, media and entertainment. So, technically you only get compared with users in the same category as you.


Here is a screenshot of LuxeInACity’s PeerIndex score, putting us as influencers in the leisure and lifestyle group.






 3. We Follow: As a directory of influential people organized by interests, WeFollow is a great tool to both determine your influence on a particular subject and to identify influencers to connect with. When we first set out to gain traction on social media, we aimed to become influential for #luxury. Our current score for #luxury puts us as one of the top 25 influencers for that hashtag. Pretty awesome when you achieve your goal!


Here is a screenshot of LuxeInACity’s WeFollow scores.






4. Kred : Providing a score out of 1000, Kred calculates a score by adding points to each action then normalizing it against other users. It’s a simple calculation that can be useful.


Here is a screenshot of LuxeInACity’s Kred Score, giving us a high score of 957 out of 1000 for travel!






Monitoring influence is an art more than an exact science, but analysing your brand or personal score using these useful social media tracking tools can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and compare them with others in your community.

With LuxeInACity, we have gained influence in both the luxury and luxury travel industry. With time and the appropriate amount of resources, we have achieved our goals. Now we simply focus on making more meaningful creating more relationships with other influencers.

After reviewing your own scores, reach out to us if you think you might need a more focus and consistent approach to social media.