Millennial Luxury Marketing - Understanding a generation of the future

After perfecting your skills with the baby boomers and knowing how to tap the nail on the head when it comes to generation X, you may feel stumped if you are trying to perfect your millennial luxury marketing strategies in a new luxury economy. There have been many headlines screaming controversies such as Real Truth magazine asking ‘If they know so much, how do they understand so little?’,  they have been called the selfie generation, the me-spoke seekers, the digital natives, and so much more. Yet the question remains are they really just a misunderstood generation? And if so shouldn’t we be trying to get to know them better because after all, they are the future of luxury.

News Cred recently shone a light on the millennials with their evocative survey marked millennial mind. It’s easy to overlook this generation, to wait for them to join the ranks of their baby boomer peers, and to write off their habits as fads, yet the truth is they are going to be leading our workplace by up to 50% and they are going to be responsible for over $1.4 trillion in spending power in the next five years. Not to mention every month in the US alone, there are 82 million millennials eating content for breakfast. These numbers are pure proof that this is not a generation to be overlooked and those who want to lead the way in terms of millennial luxury marketing success best start unraveling the mystery of these infamous luxury consumers.

know where they are coming from

If you want to understand millennial luxury marketing then the first thing you need to do is take a good hard look and get to grips with how millennials view their social status. In a way, it must be tricky to be raised in a time when your peers are forever telling you ‘you can be anything you want’. In front of your eyes, there are endless roads, paths, and products. You have a million different choices when it comes to careers, sneakers, coffee shops, smartphones, and so much more. Not only do you have all this choice but you have also been born into a time when the recession has slammed the door in your face, you are doomed to have less than your parents, you aren’t interested in frittering away hours on low paid jobs to start a family and have a home. You want to enjoy your time, you want to eat like a king, stomp across the globe, connect with new people, and have the world at your fingertips. And who can blame you; it’s what they promised you after all.

It’s no wonder millennials are misunderstood, so when they see a luxury brand that seems to get their predicament and offers tailored content and solutions that fit them like a glove, perhaps their infinite choices will suddenly have a finite end – and that full stop could be your luxury brand. Perfect your millennial luxury marketing efforts and maybe, just maybe, they will become loyal to your brand.

know the decade that shaped them

The chief content writer of Vice put it right when he declared “In the decade of the 2000s, it was the march of two opposing forces – a crisis of information and the liberation of Information”. For the millennials the world really is at their fingertips, there are no hiding secrets from them. Whilst in one hand they may be taking endless Instagram pictures and tweeting about their lunch, with the other hand they are reading about the conflict in Palestine, debating the upcoming general election, and sharing political opinions with their friends.

Sadly this is also a generation that has lost touch with the idea of trust, now the freedom of information is out there and available, they no longer turn to politicians, TV, mass media and even brands for confirmation of what’s right and wrong. As a luxury brand, you need to earn their trust by carefully selecting which millennial luxury marketing strategies to embark on. You need to also understand that these people are not completely conceited consumers, they care about the world and if they can find a way of blending buying with giving back, they will probably choose that route.

If you are interested in learning more about the values embraced by millennial luxury consumers, consider enroling in our online course "New Luxury & The Value Redefining Luxury".

know their mediums

Remember the good old days of MSN messenger and MySpace? No, odds are millennials won’t either. This is a generation that was born snapping, that updated their Facebook status as soon as they mastered hand-eye coordination, and that knew how to swipe a touch screen before they could say their ABC. If you want to reach out across the chasm to these potential consumers then you need to understand their virtual world. 65% of millennials use Facebook to search for content that amount is breathtaking and if you are not already on social media then you need to hop aboard before the ship sails into the sunset without you.

Knowing how they interact on social media is another educated factor that will give you the edge in terms of your millennial luxury marketing efforts. Millennials like content that is funny, that is informative, that doesn’t patronize, or assume. They also want to put their best foot forward in life and they actively choose to share things that they feel represent their best selves. In the modern world, success is not only measured in dollars, it’s measured in the richness of experience and this is what they will share when it comes to social media.

To learn more about the way millennials interact with luxury brands in a digital era, we suggest you enroll in our "Luxury Touchpoints & The Experience of Luxury" online course.

know not to pull the wool over their eyes

Forbes left one final word of advice when it came to their Sneakernomics article, they said when dealing with millennials to engage, don’t market. This is the bottom line, this a generation that won’t deal well with having the wool pulled over their eyes, they have limitless choices remember, and if they don’t like the cut of your jib then they will simply turn elsewhere with a shrug of the shoulders.

This is also a generation that doesn’t succumb to the slavery of brand loyalty, meaning now more than ever it’s imperative to gain respect. This is not a generation that is going to sit prettily and wait for the world to come to them, they are going to stand up and find what works for them exclusively, regardless of whether it’s considered the right thing to do or not.

To gain respect you need to interact, communicate, offer insight and value, you need to go local, hone down your tone to fit your exact niche, and you need to give them what they want. This is a knowledge-based economy meaning that if a brand is direct, clever, and cares about the world then they are going to win out over a brand that is pretending to be chic and pretending to care. Millennial luxury marketing is all about being your authentic self.

If you want to perfect your luxury offering to make millennials fall in love with your luxury brand, take our "Luxury Branding & The Art of Luxury Storytelling" online course.

Agence Luxury -largest superyachts in the world

The World’s Most Expensive Superyachts

Superyachts have always been associated with the wild and the wealthy, probably for good reason to.

These floating pleasure lands can be a vision sewn from dreams and the perfect way to help you experience the good life.

From champagne cocktails at breakfast to dropping anchor on some of the most exclusive beaches in the Caribbean, rolling out the red carpet to welcome you to the hottest beach clubs in the Balearics and supping every night on lobster and caviar beneath the stars.

Superyachts are even bedecked with personal onboard spas, saunas, Jacuzzis and more; imagine open air cinemas, a plethora of toys and tenders and a crew waiting to deliver your every dream day after day.

In the spirit of celebrating the finer things in life, take a sneak peek at some of the world’s most expensive superyachts to get you in the mood for summer.

Superyacht: Eclipse

Costing a staggering 1.5 billion and one of the biggest superyachts you can find in the seas, the Eclipse is about as grand as it gets.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is the owner and with its twenty-four guest rooms and crew of sixty it certainly seems he has plenty of friends.

Two swimming pools glitter on deck along with a helipad for those days when a tender to shore simply won’t cut it. For those who adore their water toys, the Eclipse boasts its own unique submarine to dive deeper than anyone has ever gone before.

Those who appreciate a generous dollop of privacy when playing aboard will also adore the fact that this state of the art superyacht boasts an anti-paparazzi laser shield ensuring that not even the sneakiest camera will be able to catch a thing.

Most Expensive Superyachts of the World Eclipse

Image Source: By Keld Gydum via Wikimedia Commons

Superyacht: Dubai

Just like the famous city, this is a superyacht that is surely in a class of its very own. Dubai is owned by the Prime Minister of the UAE and cost an incredible 350 million.

The second largest private yacht is no stranger to the rich and the famous boasting an interior décor of the finest rich fabrics and incredibly ornate handmade mosaics.

Onboard you will never grow tired with Jacuzzis and swimming pools to keep you cool, a helipad to ensure you can get here, there and everywhere and a sweeping circular staircase with glass steps that change color to suit the mood of the evening.

Over a hundred people can sleep soundly on this luxurious superyacht and you are sure to want for nothing.

Most Expensive Superyachts of the World Dubai

Image Source: By Imre Solt via Wikimedia Commons

Superyacht: A

The name may not sound particularly striking but once glance at this gleaming white pearl of the ocean and you are sure to be falling over to get a peek onboard.

Costing a majestic 300 million to make the design is simply out of this world. Bold and eccentric in design in a way that cannot help but make you think of a submarine, inside you will find gorgeous creamy décor laced with glass and minimalist style.

The glass fronted swimming pool is a dream come true and the beautiful tenders inspired and designed by Phillip Starck who created the whole yacht, are as intelligent and perfect as you could ever imagine possible.

Most Expensive Superyachts of the World Superyacht A

Image Source: By Dstnfrey via Wikimedia Commons

Superyacht: Al Said

Said al Said, the Sultan of Oman really pushed the boat out with his 300 million showpiece that is said to have a grand hall so large it can hold a full-size orchestra.

This floating dream can sleep seventy guests in stately comfort and boasts a crew of up to a hundred and fifty. The interior is somewhat of an enigma making sure that this is a superyacht that holds its legends well.

Most Expensive Superyachts of the World Al Said

Image Source: By Qatarperegrine via Wikimedia Commons

Superyacht: MY Starfire

Ok, maybe MY Starfire is not one of the most expensive superyachts in the world but it is akin to a boutique hotel when you don’t want to stay on land. Being a sumptuously sweeter size means that you can be sure that you get the special treatment you deserve.

Exceptional suites, plump and cozy designs and a small crew waiting to attend on you and your party alone makes for a welcoming stay with plenty of fun and frolics involved. MY Starfire also boasts a spa, cinema, and, of course, has plenty of wet and wild water toys to keep you fully entertained no matter which destination is calling you home.

Most Expensive Superyachts of the World MY Starfire

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East Ceremony

Luxury Lifestyle Awards Middle East: Honoring the Best

The most anticipated event in the world of luxury – the Gala Ceremony of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East – took place on the 21st of May at the fabulous Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Dubai. More than 250 guests, anxious to be the first to find out the names of the Winners, gathered for the Gala Dinner.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East Ceremony 1

After months of excitement and anticipation, the names of the Winners were finally revealed. Please welcome the Winners of the following categories:

Luxury Hotels: Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates), Waldorf Astoria Jeddah – Qasr Al Sharq (Saudi Arabia), Rixos Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt), Palmalife Marina Hotel (Turkey)
Luxury Spa and Wellness Center: Dalouk Wellness Spa (United Arab Emirates), Al Faisaliah Spa by ESPA (Saudi Arabia), Celebrity Spa (Kazakhstan)
Luxury Restaurant: Zuma Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Nozomi (Saudi Arabia), EAST restaurant a part of Parmigiano Group (Kazakhstan), Mangal Steak House (Azerbaijan)
Luxury Residential Real Estate: Alfardan Properties (Qatar), Tatweer Housing Company (Saudi Arabia)
Luxury Jewelry Brand: Toujous Jewellery (United Arab Emirates), L'azurde Jewelry (Saudi Arabia)
Luxury Beauty Salon: Rimax Beauty Center (Kazakhstan)
Luxury Interior Design Company: 4 SPACE interior design (United Arab Emirates), CHELEBI Furniture and Décor (Azerbaijan), Batyr Ospanov Designs (Kazakhstan)
National Brand: SYLKA™ Carpets (United Arab Emirates), Sia & Moore Architecture Interior Design (Turkey), Sara Hegazy (Egypt), Pasha Life Insurance (Azerbaijan), Fanilla Couture (Qatar)
National Fashion Designer: Zeina Slaiby (Lebanon), Mamzi by Mariam Abdelghany (Egypt)

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East Ceremony 2

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East was attended and evaluated by the honorary guests and juries including the members of Royal Families of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar, representatives of world-renowned luxury companies such as Bvlgari and LVMH, Xerjoff International, RFMAS Group, EMEA Trump Hotel Collection, The Kanoo Group, ESCADA, Vertu, L’oreal Luxe and others.

All the Winners have been rewarded with the Golden Crowns by the Italian jewelry brand Faraone Mennella, as well as with the custom-made certificates in support of their undeniable excellence.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East Ceremony 3

Luxury Lifestyle Awards expresses its deepest gratitude to its Title Partner Audi Corporate for its contribution to the event and providing the guests with an opportunity to appreciate the perfection and magnificence of Audi RS7 and A8 models.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East Ceremony 4

The time flew by with Talos Diamond Watches Partner that dazzled the guests with its high-end timepiece craftsmanship and exclusive diamond encrusted pieces. The Artisanal Partner Le Vault displayed the extraordinary handcrafted pieces and presented the custom-made gifts to the Luxury Interior Design Studio Winners while Atelier Habib, Interior Design Partner, displayed the artwork by Helmut Zwerger.

BLK, an Official Water Partner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards granted the guests with the refreshing experience of tasting the first fulvic-enhanced mineral water. Crochet Flowers, Official Flower Partner, provided the beautiful flower arrangements and stunning winners’ bouquets for the Gala Ceremony.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East Ceremony 5

Luxury Lifestyle Awards also expresses its gratitude to the Falcon Aviation Services – Jet Partner, Pasha Life Insurance – Insurance Partner, and Luxury World Key – Concierge Partner for their supporting the Middle East Gala Ceremony.

An unforgettable evening in Casino Royal style would have been impossible without the help and support of the event agency Plan A Events, creating the real “Bond” atmosphere.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Middle East Ceremony 6

Luxury Lifestyle Awards wishes all the participants to maintain their high-level status and to delight clients by excellent quality and would be pleased to see them among the guests of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2015 Singapore.


Learning Luxury Craftsmanship from Mayan Women

As part of my Pan-American road trip, I recently spent six weeks in Guatemala, a country filled with a rich Mayan culture. Although I truly enjoyed visiting the impressive ruins of Tikal, the lovely island-city of Flores and the vibrant colonial town of Antigua, my heart belongs to Lake Atitlan.

As soon as we arrived in San Pedro, a small Mayan community nestled between the San Pedro volcano and Lake Atitlan, I was mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the local Mayan women. With their traditional huipil or blouse, corte or skirt, sash and shawl, these women shined in their bright colors especially when compared to my "made-in-China" shorts and blouse. It noticed luxury craftsmanship at its best.

I wanted to learn more about their culture therefore I spent some time with a local woman in a nearby village learning how to weave the traditional Mayan way. After learning how to weave a scarf, I learned something that shocked me: luxury brands should learn from Mayans as they hold the key to luxury goods.


Because these women put their heart and soul into every piece they create.
Because everything is handmade.
Because each piece will hold up to the test of time, lasting more than a century.
Because each piece is unique, hand-crafted one at a time.
Because most pieces are bespoke; guidelines given by the buyer.
Because service was done with a smile and often with a laugh.
Because you felt like a member of their community when you entered a small boutique.
And because you made a new friend.

Luxury brands are often caught up in the "snobbiest" of luxury and forget the true essence of the word. Luxury is not about spending the most money for a marketing campaign; it's about creating a product that is spectacular in a niche.

Think of Coco Chanel,the woman, and not just the brand she left behind.






Five Minutes With James Cusumano

James Cusumano is a successful author, entertainer, scientist and entrepreneur. His wide range of business interests includes scientific research, pharmaceuticals and sustainable energy. James has published a number of books on technology and business, including his latest, Balance: The Business-Life Connection.

Five Minutes With James Cusumano 1

After successful careers that have ranged from popular recording artist and filmmaker to co-founder, president, CEO and then chairman of a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company, James moved from the U.S. to the Czech Republic, where he and his wife Inez bought, renovated and now operate Chateau Mcely, a five-star castle retreat and spa.

Five Minutes With James Cusumano 2

1. Your career has spanned four very different fields. Which area of work have you found the most inspiring and why?

All have been self-inspiring in their own way. If I had to choose one, I would say co-founding and leading the growth of Catalytica pharmaceuticals. Our motivating vision was to create practical means to manufacture drugs using low-cost, ecologically-safe technologies. Growing in less than 5 years from 4 employees to a public company with 2,000 people and annual sales of $500 million provided us with opportunities to positively impact all six of our STAKEHOLDERS: Employees, Customers, Investors, Suppliers, Community, and the World.

2. Was it a culture shock moving from the U.S. to the Czech Republic?

Yes, it was a culture shock moving there from Southern California, primarily because of the challenge of navigating a difficult Slavic language. However, the positive side is that I developed a much deeper understanding of human nature and culture, being smack dab in the middle of Europe and having easy travel access to the entire European continent. It has been an invaluable education. Also, the Czech Republic, which is only recently out of Communism, is a new frontier with many talented people and many opportunities. An explorer at heart, I love living here.

3. Which room in Chateau Mcely is your favorite and why?

They are all unique, but I would say Mark Twain—we use names instead of numbers. It is roomy, filled with natural light from the large English park that surrounds the castle, and it has a special history. It is dedicated to the great American author, who stayed at the castle in the late 19th century when Prince and Princess Thurn Taxis owned the castle and when Mark Twain was visiting Prague to promote the release of his books in the Czech language. In the public spaces, my favorite room is our library, located in the very top of the tower. It contains more than 2500 volumes covering a vast array of disciplines, and opens to our roof-top observatory.

Five Minutes With James Cusumano 3


Five Minutes With James Cusumano 4


Five Minutes With James Cusumano 5

4. Clearly you like to keep busy. What are your plans for the future of Chateau Mcely?

Our vision for Chateau Mcely from the very start has been to go beyond hospitality by enriching the lives of all of our six STAKEHOLDERS, mentioned above. For example, we created and produce at the castle Mcely Bouquet, our own line of physically and spiritually healing natural cosmetics; the Princess Nely Project which encourages young girls to grow into talented, well-rounded women; and Chateau Mcely Forum™ where we provide courses and lectures on leadership and how to find and live your Life Purpose. We will continue to expand upon these programs and also have ideas about expanding our physical infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing customer base.  

5. What do you do to relax? Please describe your perfect day off.

I study Consciousness and Quantum Physics and the links between them. My perfect day is the one I try to live everyday: Up at 5:00 am—40 minutes of meditation; prepare a healthy breakfast for Inez, 7-year-old Julia and me; 7:30 am—drive Julia to the International School in Prague, home by 8:30 am—write until 12:00 noon; 12:15 – 1:30 pm—exercise at the gym; 2:00 – 2:30 pm—light lunch; 2:30 – 5:30 pm—administrative work in my office; 6:30 pm—dinner with my family; 7:30 – 8:30 pm—family play with Julia & Inez until Julia goes to bed. 8:30 – 10:00—read; 10:00 – 11:00 pm—time with Inez; 11:00 – 11:30 meditation before retiring. Weekends are spent with the family and friends relaxing at the castle; bicycle rides in the forest, and enjoying the castle amenities—massage, swimming, tennis, and other physical activities. Lest there be any doubt, the privilege of living this way has come with very hard work, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Five Minutes With James Cusumano 6

6. Having experienced castle living in the Czech Republic, would you ever be tempted to move back to the US?

I love the U.S. and visit there several times per year to be with family and friends. I have 9 brothers and sisters, a mom who is 92 years old, two older daughters and five grandchildren. This summer we will spend six weeks in the U.S., but I have no plans to move back. I am a U.S. citizen and a permanent resident of the Czech Republic, which will be my base for all my future activities.

7. You have written a number of well-received publications. Do you have any plans for another book at this stage in your life?

I am in the early creative stage of thinking about my next book. I am intrigued with the concept of writing my first novel, and basing it on the fundamental tenets that I have written about over the years on the Cosmic Consciousness—Quantum Physics connection, Inspired Leadership, Life Purpose, Passion and Balance. It will be a challenge to weave these concepts through the fabric of the novel in a subtle, yet clear manner, and maintain an interesting story line. We shall see!

8. What are the three most important values by which you live your life?

1. Family—Support my wife, children and myself in our efforts towards long-term health and personal fulfillment.
2. Professional—Counsel and inspire the Chateau Mcely Team so that they succeed in their personal and professional goals and share in the rewards of our success.
3. Spiritual—Share my life-long knowledge on finding and living your Life Purpose, as well as those elements which when practiced diligently are a clear and sure-fire basis for long-term success in business.

9. How would you inspire those just starting out in life to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams?

A. As described in detail in my book BALANCE, don’t try to live someone else’s life, it can’t be done. Look inside and develop and write down your true basic Values and live by them.
B. There is something inside you that you are really good at. I call it your Essence. Connect it to a Need in the world that makes it a better place. You will have found your Life Purpose. Pursue it, no matter where you are in your life. It is never too late, or too difficult to do!
C. Don’t be concerned about “getting there” quickly. Just enjoy the journey, which will be easy to do with the passion generated in steps A & B.
D. Don’t design your life around making money. If you follow your Life Purpose and do well, the money will follow.
E.Always be considerate of all your Stakeholders.

I have never known this approach to be unsuccessful.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair Cover

Meet Katrina James: A Photographer with an Artistic Flair

Meet Katrina James, an expert par excellence with 12 years of experience in the field she loves – photography. A wish to change the world led her to take up environmental science but soon she understood that it was through the lens that she can really initiate a change – a change in the way people perceive the world. Be it product photography or portraits, nature or events, her works stand apart due to the sheer happiness they exude. Having worked with the big names in the luxury world, she shares her insight into what she loves the most – photography!

As a woman who grew up in Australia, where should our readers make sure to visit?

Australia is full of stunning scenery, the most memorable holiday till this day is when my parents took me out of school for a month and we took a trip through the outback, it was life changing to me and I think that’s where my curiosity for travel started, the landscape was breath taking. I would highly recommend a visit.

You are currently shooting events and music festivals around the world.  Where are you off to next?

Next stop is Bali to photograph (and participate in) a yoga and meditation retreat in Ubud.

There are stunning portraits on your webpage.  What do you do to help your subjects relax?

Thank you. I treat my portrait sessions as if I was going to meet a friend for coffee sometimes it can be 30 minutes before I even bring out my camera, I love people and hearing their stories is such a treat for me so I try and create a feeling where my subjects feel like they matter to me, which they very much do.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 1


What photo shoot have you been most nervous for?  What did you do to relax?

I was pretty nervous to photograph the Australian foreign minister Bob Carr when he visited Berlin, I got to spend the day following him around Berlin as he met with German politicians, it was a really fascinating experience for me as politics is very far away from my world and there was a lot of protocol I didn’t know anything about.  To be honest I don’t think I relaxed until the day was over.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 2


What is the most important question to ask a photographer that you are thinking of hiring?

I can’t think of one specific question, however I do think it is important to really brief your photographer and give them as much information as possible about what you are expecting of their photography.

What things should the photographer you hired be doing?

Before the event they should be talking to you, asking questions about what is important to you, is there a particular detail that means something to you? How do you plan to use the photographs?

At the event they should be enjoying themselves, they should be making sure they get all the required shots as well as shooting some creative or interesting shots.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 3


What is the best way for a client to help you understand their brand?

It’s really important to talk to your photographer about where you have come from and your future goals, how you see the photos being used and who your audience are.

What makes marketing photography different from other photography that you have done?

Marketing photography is a little different because you need to capture a product or service in its best light. You need to use images to tell a clients story and to make a viewer want to be part of that story.


Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 4


Can you give an example of how you can use photography to tell a story?

My imagery is all about stories and I hope that each image creates its own story. I recently shot a job for a jewellery designer where I captured images that told the story of her work day, from meeting with her team to spending the afternoon cruising on her boat, the images really help people to connect to you and your brand.

Since we love travel here, can you tell us about your favorite place to take pictures?

For the pure beauty of it Cape Town is a wonderful place to take photos, the light there is incredible it’s the kind of light that moves me to tears, the landscapes are such a contrast from beautiful beaches to dry sand plains and the people are just wonderful.  




Meet Katrina James A Photographer with an Artistic Flair 5


Get in touch with Katrina James via email at or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter. Or, we could introduce you, just reach out to us!


What is a Luxury Brand

What Is A Luxury Brand?

Even a cursory glance through a fashion and lifestyle magazine will give you a glimpse of what is commonly referred to as a luxury brand. Image of shiny goodies in perfect little boxes or couture dresses that look too perfect to be true line pages after pages of eye-candy in these glossy magazines. In front of such a pleasant palette of goods, one has to ask oneself if these brands are true luxury brands or simply a built-up marketing product that offer little more than its propaganda.

The word ‘Luxury Brand’ has been over hyped so much that the roar has become quite deafening and the line between ‘real luxury brand’ and the ‘make-believe luxury brand’ keeps merging every now and then.

So, how can a luxury brand be best defined? No matter how difficult this task may seem, I can confidently state that a luxury brand provides a level of craftsmanship, service and experience that goes above and beyond the industry standard. This definition sounds good, but it somehow does not address the overall conditions of the luxury market. We also have to include the must-have qualities inherent to luxury such as bespoke, customization, scarcity, singularity, emotion, and personalization. So what is a luxury brand? A brand becomes a luxury brand when it offers an experience that is unique and adapted to the individual needs of its patrons on an individual basis.

In light of this definition, luxury brands should never produce mass-consumption products sold in boat loads to satisfy the self-indulgence of stock investors. Obviously, all brands strive to be highly successful and to dominate the world in their market, and I am not recommending that they don't. I am simply stating that the founders and leaders of these esteemed brands must almost remember to stay true to their original core values as they grow to become a conglomerate. It is important that a luxury brand does not sell its soul for the financial gain of a few. Failure to solve the dilemma of growth versus exclusivity can result in long-term viability or even the death of your brand.

Ten reasons to brand your superyacht

Ten Reasons To Brand Your Superyacht

Your superyacht is the apogee of perfection, but then again, so are all the others luxury yachts of this world. So much care is given to a superyacht's design, amenities and layout that, although different in style, they tend to be somewhat flawless. We know; we have worked on several superyachts as crew. Therefore, we understand yachting from the inside out.

If you seek to generate revenue from your superyacht by chartering it a few times a year, you might consider hiring a charter management company to do all the legwork. This is great but don't forget to brand your superyacht in order to stand out from the fleet.

Just for fun, we have looked up hundreds of superyachts, ranging from 120' to 220' and up, and noticed one alarming fact: less than 10% of charter yachts have websites! Also, it seems like the average superyacht with a website hasn't updated it in many years, making their digital presence old school. Most luxury yachts don't use social media, and most don't do any type of digital marketing at all.

So, in case we have picked your curiosity and you want to learn more about branding your superyacht, read on.

Branding is what takes your superyacht from a stand-alone boat and turns it into a living entity. It gives your superyacht its unique personality, a personality with a compelling story. Branding also gives your superyacht a meaning, unifies its existence and creates an overall effect on your desired market, the Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individual.

As a general rule, your brand is what everyone else says it is. By giving it a storyline, you help everyone understand that your superyacht is a lot more than its jet skis and sun beds.

To help you understand the reasons you need to brand you luxury yacht, here is our Top Ten Reasons to Brand Your Superyacht.


1.Tell a Story: There’s a great story behind every superyacht.

A superyacht is nothing without its crew and captain. They live, breathe & love every inch of “their” superyacht. You must, therefore, tell the story of your yacht through the eyes of its crew.


2. Evoke Emotions: Build the dream by showcasing the lifestyle.

As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, but what can be said about a video? Wouldn’t it be worth a million words? Get creative with your branding and engage potential guests from every angle. Don't focus so much on your superyacht's characteristics, put the emphasis on the overall charter experience.


3. Promise Service: The crew is a superyacht’s finest asset.

It’s not all about the number of jet skis, sun beds, or staterooms. A superyacht is the apogee of luxury living yet little is known about its impeccable service.  Showcase the crew and you showcase the yacht.


4. Tailor Bespoke Retreats: Every yacht offers a unique escape.

A superyacht is the ultimate gateway to the finest destinations.  Create itineraries that inspire action and stand out from the rest. No one wants to be given a "time to wake up". Engage your fans with your luxury living expertise.


5. Create Preference: Build loyalty and keep them coming back.

Provide key emotional experiences that patrons will want to enjoy time and again. Don’t just drop them off at the airport and forget them, keep them engaged for years to come.


6. Express Luxury: Verbalize the distinct style of your superyacht.

Family, Adults, Business; American, European or Asian. Your crew can do it all, but what is your superyacht's personality. Verbalize the tangible differences to attract the desired clientele.


7. Delight the Senses: Your chef is your secret ingredient.

Make them salivate and drool over your chef’s tantalizing dishes. Pair it with a delightful wine to enhance the overall effect. Get your chef active on land to introduce the yacht. Win them over with your delectable offering.


8. Entice Summertime Fun: Show your water sport skills to get them excited.

Nothing beats a day playing in the sun with the deck crew. They are experts in water sports and able teachers. Let them showcase their talent to inspire adventure.


9. Offer Uniqueness: It’s all in the details.

Now, let’s talk about the yacht’s unique offering. Its beach BBQs, its Jacuzzi and pool, its steam room and gym. Its staterooms and dining options.  Remember, it’s not all about facts and numbers. It’s all in the packaging.


10. Building an Identity: One Yacht, One identity. No mistake should be made.

Potential patrons are exposed to a hundred or more superyachts before making their final chartering choice. The question is, how will they recall yours?

If you are considering branding your superyacht, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a one-on-one consultation. In the meantime, check MY Starfire's website and social media channels to see our expertise first hand.



Ten Tips For Reaching A Luxury Blogger

After sending dozens or even hundreds of press releases to bloggers who are online influencers in your niche, you might wonder why you have received so few replies. Could it be that your pitch went into every one of these bloggers spam folder? Or could it be that you didn’t send anything of value to the bloggers? Wouldn’t it be nice if bloggers took the time to tell you why?


At LuxeInACity, our digital showroom, we have received thousands of press releases by luxury and luxury travel brands that hope to get exposure on our blog and social media channels. Yet we have worked with only a handful. Why? Because we felt that these PR pitches were simply not addressed to us.


To help you reach us and other bloggers like us, stand out from the mass by applying the recommendations below.


1. Don’t spam

This is probably the most important thing to remember: Never ever send a message or press release to a mass distribution list. Why? Because no one likes spam. There is absolutely no difference between receiving an unwanted press release from an agency and receiving a sales pitch by a random email marketer trying to sell you fake goods. We treat them the same. Unless you are LVMH and have major news to tell, your mass message will most likely be ignored by all. It’s just too easy to overlook. And if you keep sending weekly emails without ever actually trying to connect with us, you might just make us mad. If we have talked over the phone and you still send me emails via your distribution list, you just lost some hard-earned privileges. Simply don’t spam.


2. Engage 2-3 months in advance

Yes, you read it right. Don’t expect to build a relationship with a blogger in two days or worse in two hours. They need time to get to know you. Bloggers receive hundreds of emails a week and barely have time to reply to the most important ones. Take us for example, we are a boutique luxury agency with real life clients who want us to build their brand’s image, to create engaging content for marketing, social media and SEO and who expect us to work on tight deadlines. If you send us a press release but we don’t know who you are, what do you think we will do? That’s right; we will most likely simply skip over the request and continue working on our paying gigs. But if you are our friend, we will most likely make a last minute exception and work with you.


3. Introduce yourself or your PR/SEO agency.

Before you start talking about how great a brand, product or event is, start by telling us who you are. Makes sense doesn’t it? How can we establish your credentials if we have never heard of you? Don’t be shy to tell us about your agency and share your personal profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter. You don’t need to write a full paragraph about yourself but do give a little insight, something other than what’s in your signature.


4. Pitch to a real-life person not a robot

I never thought I would say this, but consider talking and getting to know us a little before you reach out to us. Use our name in the email instead of “dear blogger” and remember to spell the name correctly. My partner/sister’s name is Maxine yet we get so many emails written for Maxime. If you start with dear blogger or a simple hello, you tell the blogger that you don’t care about them enough to find out their name. We have even posted our names and linked our LinkedIn profile on our homepage yet few refer to us by our names or take the time to connect. No name equals no replies.


5. Pitch to a blogger not a journalist

Remember, bloggers write about what they want to, not what they have to. They don’t have to cover the news or tell your story. They do as they please and write because they are passionate about their niche. Here at LuxeInACity, we love luxury and especially luxury travel, we have writers who roam the globe, so invite us for a drink or a snack and get to know us a little. If there is no possibility for a rendezvous, show us how your brand would appeal to our audience instead of simply summarizing the content in a press release. If you are a hotel and have a new killer summer menu, invite one of our fans for a complimentary meal. Remember, we are in a new media era and our fans want us to interact with them, so we need to be able to interact with you.


6. Don’t copy/paste

Please, never do this again. You can attach the press release and all related images, .pdf and videos in a Dropbox folder but don’t include everything in the email. If you are like me, you have a smartphone linked to your emails. You get a ping and you instantly check the message. If I see that it’s a copy/paste of a press release, I simply click delete. If I see that it is a personal message with an outline of the pitch, I will keep it for a further review. Also, if you get my personal email from a reply, don’t take it as an “I want to subscribe to your mailing list for all ongoing press release distribution” sign. Unless I personally sign up to your mailing list, don’t sign me up.


7. Make it easy

Time is money and a blogger has little time to run around trying to get images to promote your brand. So make it easy for them and provide everything in a convenient Dropbox folder. Also, make yourself accessible to the blogger for questions or additional resources as needed. Bloggers have editorial calendars and if they tell you they hope to publish your article on a specific date, don’t make them chase after you! Remember that they are working for you and you want them to be on your side.


8. Don’t ask for stats

Again, do your research. If you find a blogger and have taken the time to reach out to them, it’s probably because you believe their audience is a good fit for your brand. So why do they have to prove to you that they are online influencers? If the blog ranks under 500 000 on Alexa, has thousands of social media fans, you should know they have all the influence you need.


9. Make it Win-Win

Not every blogger hopes to make money from their blog but do respect bloggers who write for a living. When you ask a blogger to write about your brand, you ask them to do the work for you. If you are a PR agency, your clients pay you to try to generate some media exposure for them. So, why is it so hard for PR reps to understand that bloggers with huge followings should get compensated for their hard work? Try getting thousands of fans to read your blog and follow your social media channels and you will see why bloggers should be compensated. It’s not easy and it is very time consuming. Think of a blog as a business because that is in fact what it is. If a brand has money to pay a PR firm to find bloggers, then they should also put money aside to pay the bloggers to actually promote them to their desired clientele. Would you work for free? I don’t think so, so explain to your clients that bloggers shouldn’t have to either.


10. Say Thank you.

So many PR reps forget to send out a simple thank you email. Everyone appreciates recognition for work well done. If you forget to thank a blogger, don’t even think of reaching out to them in the future with another pitch. If you have joined the social wave, keep in touch and join them in any interesting discussion. A little love will go a long way for your next pitch. Trust us on this.


After reading this post, try sending us your pitch at LuxeInACity and hope for a quick reply. If you get one, it means you have mastered the art of pitching to bloggers.


After reading this post, try sending us your pitch at LuxeInACity and hope for a quick reply. If you get one, it means you have mastered the art of pitching to bloggers.


Please Luxury, Forget The Prominent Logos

I recently read this great article by Tara Loader Wilkinson, the editor-in-chief at Wealth-X, a definitive source of intelligence on the ultra wealthy with the world’s largest collection of curated research on UHNW individuals. In her article titled "No Logos, We're Chinese", Tara explains that taste has evolved amongst the wealthy Chinese community such as they no longer want to purchase items plastered by a brand’s corporate identity.


Jing Ulrich, managing director and vice president of Asia-Pacific at JP Morgan, and one of Asia’s most esteemed bankers states that he “even sees people removing the label from the inside of their jacket as a way of making it more anonymous.” After years of flaunting their wealth, the Chinese have finally started to shun logos. Luxury brands face yet another challenge: they must adapt to this new reality in order to secure their position as leaders in the world’s second most prominent market for expensive goods.


While reading this article, I started thinking… When have I ever purchased an item with a prominent logo for one of my clients while I worked as a personal assistant to the UHNW community? The answer is simple: Never.


When did I see a charter guests flaunt a new logo covered Louis Vuitton bag when I worked aboard superyachts? Once again: Never.


What I learned from my years working for billionaires, celebrities and UHNWI is that they normally prefer to be discreet with their personal clothing style even if they love their superyachts, private jets and sports cars.


I had a charter guest once, married to an American baseball team owner who told me: “I simply love shopping at JC Penney and Target.” I was shocked, but then quickly realized that they probably wouldn’t have become billionaires if they had spent their money carelessly. She also mentioned that she never used to spend thousands of dollars on a purse simply to show off a logo when she lived more modestly, so why should she start now. She still wore the clothing that expressed her individual chic, being thankful that she was now able to simply afford the best.


For the most part, the average UHNWI loves luxury goods. Goods that reflect their own personal style, not the style of the community. They understand the value of premium goods and are willing to pay first-class prices. From my personal experience, most prefer to buy from boutique brands, the brand that is still a “secret” to others. I used to spend my days trying to find hidden gems for my employers and still do for LuxeInACity, our digital showroom.


In the past, boutique brands were hard to find, having to wonder the streets in a quest to find master artisans. Nowadays, the internet has made it increasingly easier to find exemplary small businesses around the world. Boutique brands are popping up all over the internet making personalized luxury more accessible. One thing is for certain, boutique luxury brands always seemed to bring about smiles.


According to Nicola Ko, senior luxury analyst at London-based Ledbury research, the eastern culture, which is well-known for showcasing logo as a social status, seemed to be intrigued and are starting to adopt this trend: “The Chinese have skipped over the stage where they want to fit into society by having what everyone else has, to wanting to express their own individual style. They are increasingly buying from smaller, niche brands, and we see luxury giants moving towards a brand elevation strategy for long-term growth – less logos, less canvas, more leather and precious skins,”


Will major luxury brands change their ways and cater to the new style of luxury? Will they stop plastering their handbags and accessories with prominent logos? I sincerely hope so. I love both LuxeInACity and AgenceLuxury, but honestly, I would never want someone to pay for a bag with our logo on it. We believe in discretion, high-quality and customer satisfaction.


Which “style” of luxury do you prefer: the sophisticated, discreet, savvy boutique luxury brand or the logo dominated world of “luxury brands”? From my perspective, I have to say: Please Luxury, Forget the Prominent Logos!