MTRIP: Building a Travel App White Label Style

mTrip is an intelligent travel guide that is completely customizable for the travel and tourism industry. It’s perfect for luxury hotels, tourism boards and tourist agencies. The white label apps provide extensive publicity for your brand, your hotel, or your destination, all whilst acting as an expert tour guide for your visitors and guests.

Utilizing a white label product makes sense on many levels. You can reduce your costs by taking advantage of another company’s technology. You won’t have to invest in creating new technology, developing the infrastructure, developing the product and hiring additional employees. At the same time, there are so many benefits for your brand as well as your clients and customers.




The mTrip app for hotels and resorts provides a 24/7 virtual concierge service that assists guests with hotel amenities and facilities, special offers, bookings, and other related services. It also acts as a local travel guide, providing guests with itineraries and information about local restaurants, attractions, etc. This app also features complete offline map and navigation so users can find their way around without paying roaming fees. Receive even more publicity for your establishment as guests post their photos and journal their trip on Facebook.

Tourism boards can customize the app to incorporate an unlimited amount of tourism content. It also provides visitors with daily itineraries and complete offline use of maps and navigation services to avoid roaming costs. This is a great way to enhance your marketing and boost sales because the app maximizes the visibility of your destination and generates revenue.

The mTrip app is also ideal for tour operators and travel agencies. The app can provide an itinerary, including all the necessary details about transportation, accommodation, tours, activities, etc. It includes content rich travel guides that provide your clients with everything they need to know about a destination. While offline, clients can view their itinerary and travel guide, as well as use the maps and turn-by-turn navigation. Your business will receive even more exposure as clients post photos, status updates about their trip and more on Facebook.

All in all, the mTrip is the ideal white label app for all tourism and travel professionals who want to take their brand and their destination to the next level.