While a significant section of the publishing industry has moved in a digital direction, those who target affluent Americans continue to create luxurious, sophisticated printed magazines for their consumers. These luxury publications cater to a specific group of elite readers and operate with the unique goal of exuding opulence with every turn of the page. These publications are not only written to engage today’s affluent American, but to offer a stunning piece of art work readers can hold right in their hands, and use as their personal gateway into the world of elite living.


These high-end lifestyle magazines have become a lasting staple in the world of luxury branding, and continue to successfully engage elite consumers. This prevalence in the market has made these publications a popular communication for luxury brands who want to advertise directly to their target consumers. Here are ten of the most influential luxury lifestyle publications available on the market today.


Robb Report 

This monthly magazine has been in publication for over three decades and displays products and services from the world’s leading luxury brands. With themed editions that include their annual “Best of the Best” issue, this magazine has a longstanding following of dedicated readers.

top 10 luxury publications


Upscale Living Magazine 

Known as the “portal of luxury goods” this upscale magazine is an exclusive publication that touches on everything from yachts and private jets, to real estate and fine jewelry.

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Modern Luxury CS 

As one of the most popular magazines in the Modern Luxury collection of publications, CS has a readership of more than 270,000. Twelve issues a year are circulated to events, luxury hotels and those who have paying subscriptions.


top 10 luxury publications 3


Niche Media

As one of the most popular Niche Media publications, LA Confidential offers readers with an inside guide on how to live like the rich and famous.


top 10 luxury publications 4



This high end American Express magazine is distributed only to the company’s Platinum and Centurion card members. Seven issues a year focus on the globe’s leading luxury brands.


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Black Ink

This invitation only magazine is offered only to the highest level of American Express cardholders, and is associated with the brand’s infamous Black Card. Four issues a year focus on single topics that cater to the affluent reader.


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Global Living Magazine 

The tagline for this magazine is “living luxuriously worldwide,” and it focuses on offering six yearly insights to the most high-end travel destinations across the globe.


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Afar Magazine 

Voted as the top travel magazine in the world, this publication offers seasoned, affluent travelers with insight into the globe’s most luxurious destinations.


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Travel and Leisure

This monthly magazine has been around since the 1930s. Now owned by American Express Publishing, Travel and Leisure focuses on offering monthly articles and travel photography of the world’s most upscale environments.


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Elite Traveler 

Six issues of this publication are released every year to readers who have an average household income of $5.3 million. The publication is aimed at the ‘elite affluent’ and more than 90% of the distribution of these magazines are inside private jets and first class airline lounges.


top 10 luxury publications 10


Did we miss your favorite luxury publications targeting the affluent American? If so, add your favorite print magazine in our comments.




Roxanne Genier