Although a lot of luxury brands put emphasis on targeting digital influencers and HWNI directly, they should not forget the people who interact with HNWI on a regular day-to-day basis, the ones who exert influence on the HNWI’s wallet.
With time, the relationship between HNWI and their staff becomes one founded on mutual trust and respect.

Although some luxury brands may think that they can simply “buy” the recommendation from a luxury influencer, from experience, such an advance can put you on an irrevocable black list. Brands must remember that these influencers will never do anything to put their relationship at harm’s way. They have worked too hard to get the HNWI’s high opinion.

Instead, a luxury brand should focus on establishing a trusting relationship with these influencers, one that is built on honesty and integrity. If you need assistance to approach luxury influencers, reach out to me, and in the meantime, read some of my thoughts on the top 10 real-world luxury influencers.

The Personal Assistant: As some of you may know from looking at my LinkedIn profile, I was once the personal assistant to several HNWI; therefore, I understand first-hand how influential a personal assistant can truly be – a lot. When I first started, I would go to my employer before making any decision. Then one day, he told me this: “Roxanne, I make about $100 every minute so make every minute between us count. If it’s under $10,000, I don’t want to hear about it, you make the call because that is why I need you. I simply don’t have time to worry about the small stuff.” This statement changed the way I have interacted with HNWI. They value time above money; they have plenty of money, but little time to enjoy it.

The Estate Manager/Butler/Majordomo: A good friend of mine is the estate manager to one of the wealthiest American businessmen, an older gentleman who relies on him for everything related to his day-to-day life. Rest assured that when this HNWI wants anything, whether it’s a new superyacht or a gift for his wife, the first person he calls for a reference is indeed his estate manager.

The Private Concierge: The private concierge is the connector, the one with all the contacts in his little black book. Even though some HNWI have both a personal assistant and an estate manager, they often rely on a private concierge when looking to book VIP experiences. Personal assistants also count on private concierges to get the inside scoop when you need a quick connection. Getting on the first page of this little black book can mean getting in front of the customers you covet the most.

The Executive Assistant: Tasked with managing the calendar of an HNWI, the executive assistant is also often called upon for recommendations and trip planning especially if there is no personal assistant on staff. Having your contact details on their speed dial can be lucrative for any luxury brand.

The Superyacht Captain/ Superyacht Purser: Once a superyacht lead deckhand aboard yachts ranging from 150′ to 220′, I learned firsthand how HNWI rely on the expertise of their captain, purser and crew for recommendations. On a superyacht, it’s a team effort, but it is usually the Captain who books on-shore activities such as restaurants, spa treatments, private transportation and even hotel or villa stays.

The Private Jet Flight Attendant: When high up in the air, a private jet flight attendant is often summoned for recommendations as to where to go eat, shop or play at the upcoming destination. HNWI understand that their knowledge of luxury experiences goes far beyond serving a fine cognac on the rocks.

The Personal Shopper: When it comes to fashion, not everyone can create that stylist look. HNWI individuals often rely on personal shoppers/stylist when it’s time to revamp their wardrobe. Therefore, if you represent an up-and-coming fashion brand, you may want to keep on your radar the personal shoppers/stylists in your city.

The Personal Trainer: In between pumps and squats, personal trainers are a great source of information when it comes to getting the right advice on health products, active gear, food related items or restaurant recommendations. If this is your market, think of working closely with personal trainers.

The Private Chef: When it comes to food, the private chef often makes all the dietary calls. They typically stock the fridge and cupboards with all the goodies needed, therefore getting them to taste your high-end product can get your brand in the HNWI’s household.

The Interior Decorator: Once again, when an HNWI plans to remodel their villas, superyacht or even private jet, the interior decorator is often the one who spends all the money.

When thinking of your next influencer campaign, concentrate your efforts on building relationship with both digital and real-world luxury influencers. Together, they can put your brand in front of your targeted audience.

Roxanne Genier