With more consumers around the globe owning and using smartphones than ever before, there has been a recent influx in the world of mobile marketing. While many brands, in different types of industries, have been embracing the mobile marketing trend to promote their companies, today’s leading luxury brands have remained hesitant when it comes to joining this movement. High-end luxury brands are known for being cautious when it comes to embracing new marketing trends, primarily because many luxury products are known for taking a completely unique approach to marketing their product.


However, even for the ultra-exclusive luxury brands of today, mobile marketing can help make a drastic impact on their image, sales and the way in which they reach their customers. Understanding the primary benefits of embracing mobile technology can help any luxury brand realize why they should be embracing this tech-centered approach to  marketing.


1. Today’s consumers not only use their mobile devices to talk and text one another, but they use their devices to surf the internet and browse and shop for items as well. Marketing directly to these handheld devices is a powerful way to engage consumers right from the very devices they use to buy products.

2. According to a report from the Pew Research Center, more than 75% of households with an annual income of more than $75,000 own at least one smartphone. Another survey from Compete revealed that 3/4 of these smartphone users believe they do more mobile shopping now than they did three months ago. In basic terms, the statistics support the prevalence of luxury buyers using their mobile technology to buy products and goods, presenting an opening for luxury brands to better market their products.

3. Mobile applications for luxury brands can help build a strong brand identity, an essential component for a brand looking to establish a ‘luxury’ title. With a custom mobile app, customers can feel more connected to a brand, and the brand can focus more on telling a human story. This can help any company build their own unique identity, instead of just offering consumers with a place to purchase goods.

4. Priority access and features often go a long way with luxury consumers. With the right mobile marketing effort, luxury brands can offer the lure of exclusivity with their applications. This helps consumers build a stronger level of trust with their favorite brands and form greater connections. Using mobile apps, brands can offer pre-release viewing of their items to select participants to create a stronger desire for brand association.

5. Mobile marketing campaigns also help bring luxury brands to more consumers. Even though luxury brands only market to a select group of consumers who can afford their products, they still need to reach a large audience. Unlike chain stores, luxury retailers typically only have a few select stores for customers to visit. Adding a mobile element to their services can help expand the reach of any luxury brand.


While many luxury brands have been hesitant to incorporate mobile devices into their digital marketing strategies, the recent success of several luxury brands has proven that  potential success can be found with the right mobile marketing campaign.

Roxanne Genier