Not all fans are created equal. Some have the resources to support your luxury brand while others can simply admire from  a distance. Some  will brag about your products and services to everyone that will listens while others simply consume and stay silent. Obviously the more powerful and valuable consumer for a luxury brand is the one that is both affluent and influential. Global digital marketing agency iProspect recently released a study that reveals a new type of market influencer: the Affluent Influencer or “Affluencer”.


So who is the Affluencer? They are affluent with an annual income (HI) of $100K or more with the financial means to consume a luxury brand’s products. They are also influential  in their social circle and are recognised by their “star quality”. Often sought-after by friends and family for purchasing advice, these influencers are often called “experts”, “trendsetters” and “cool”.


Therefore they have great impact on the purchasing decisions of others. The affluencers should be targeted by the very marketing effort put forward by your brand.


In its study, iProspect took great care to separate the affluencers within the Millenial, baby Boomer and Gen X generations by uncovering the characteristics of each segment. Check out this great infographic that clearly identifies who your luxury brand should target.


Meet the Affluent Influencer: The "Affluencer" is your most important customer

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Roxanne Genier