Really? Sounds like a stretch? You might ask yourself what could a blogger possibly know about online PR? Well apart from creating a blog that attracts thousands of emails from PR agencies, bloggers are often friends with other bloggers in the same industry. Makes sense? Of course, bloggers exchanges tips and ideas for blog posts and sometimes they even post articles on each other’s blog. They interact with each other on social media on a regular basis and drive traffic to each other’s blogs. They create synergy because they understand the power of the group and prefer it to the solitude of working alone.


The role of PR reps has always been to raise awareness for a brand in front of a desired audience. A PR rep who works in a traditional agency might actually have to build relationships with bloggers and journalists way after they get a contract with a new brand. It is impossible for them to be friends with everyone in every industry.


So my question is this, why not hire someone who already knows the behaviors of the audience you covet? Get a blogger who is established as an authority amongst its peers and has already  built a huge following on social media to maximise your PR efforts. Nowadays, PR is more about blogger outreach, content marketing, SEO and social media. Bloggers are experts in all five fields.


You might not be surprise to know that bloggers have the inside scoop on what works and what doesn’t work in online PR. They have read thousands of press release from big and small agencies and know what gets a blogger to write about a brand. They know how to get attention of online influencers and how to create social media relationships with them.

Some bloggers are even experts at planning real-life events and getting the right people to show up. Remember, unlike PR agencies, bloggers have fans that love and follow them. So if you want your message to reach a broader yet very targeted audience, make it easy on yourself, and hire a blogger directly. But before you do, spend some time finding the right one, the one that all the other bloggers in their friendship circle. That’s the one who will work miracles for you.


To help you decide which blogger is the right fit for your brand, browse through our luxury blogger spotlight series or contact us to help you find the right one.

Roxanne Genier