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defining your version of luxury

Luxury branding doesn’t just stay on the surface, it delves deep into the fables that fascinate the buyer. In the refined marketplace, a product cannot speak for itself, it needs a story, an identity, and a personality, it needs to be animated, to move and to ripple to avoid becoming stagnant; this is where branding can give your luxury brand meaning.

We love to fall for stories that ignite our imagination and speak of a rich history, from Cartier crafting diadems for King Edward VII in their humble Parisian workshop to Aubrey Hepburn with her Tiffany blue box that makes the heartbeat. Louis Vuitton and his rags to riches story, from orphan to curating trunks for Napoleon and Faberge with their intricate family dynasty of Tolstoyan proportions, these are tales to hold in the palm of our hands and bring a sense of preciousness to our lives.

Luxury branding is not reserved for brands who hold more than a century of history. The stories of new startups can be just as powerful.

web design

designing your digital flagship

There’s an old saying that you only have one chance to make a great first impression and for luxury brands, this is as paramount as could be. Odds are your next client is going to click on your website before they set foot in your store. The challenge is on to take your 3D world of beauty, sheer inspiration and style and apply this to your online space in a way that entices consumers to stay a little longer.

Web design starts as a blank canvas, one you can fill with gorgeous imagery, beautiful fonts, and inspired statements. In short, you are weaving a virtual world of your own making, one where your clients can come and breathe easy knowing that they are in the presence of your brand. Of course, you can’t virtually pour them a glass of champagne but there are other ways in which you can make your web design an experience for them, all it takes is a touch of creativity.


creating inspiring content

Embracing the art of content marketing in the luxury niche is a far cry from your standard advertorial, you are aiming to give your consumers the tools to make a better purchasing decision, you are taking the ethical stand, you are exuding positivity and you are arousing a desirable emotion in the reader.

Whether you choose to communicate through blogs, social media channels, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics – the pleasure of experiencing your content should never leave the consumers side. With luxury content marketing this is your chance to make your story shine. Honesty, beauty, illusion – all these things can weave together to create great content for your brand.

social media

fostering social connections

Social management is the way you deliver the personal touch to your business, how you converse openly with consumers, creatively collect marketing research and spread the allure of your products far and wide. When used right social media can be an incredible way to network. You can see social network as one big soiree where you don your pearls, grab a glass of Dom Perignon and glide around the room interacting with everyone in sight and generally creating a beautiful buzz.

Fortunately for those luxury brands who want to join the social media revolution without getting tied down in the details, we can guide you through the labyrinth showing you which social media channels to focus your energy on to interact with your niche market. We can help you identify which type of content you should create and share to truly inspire, engage and encourage your fan base. Above all, we can nudge together connections with influencers who will help to propagate your brand, and we can create a lively buzz around your brand.