think influencer

be luxury

Influencers have earned their place.

Marilyn Monroe scented with Chanel Number 5, Aubrey Hepburn sashaying down the street after Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Jackie Onassis with her oversized Gucci shades, influencer marketing can be a dream for raising the profile of your luxury brand. Of course not all luxury brands can snag such high power celebrities and this is where selective PR and high-class influencer campaigns come into play.

Gifting your beautiful brand to a select group of influencers, enticing them with an amazing experience and curating memories that will ignite the imagination and linger in the senses is the aim of an effective influencer marketing campaign. In turn, the influencers will be so enthralled with their experience that they will want to share the story of your product. Not only does this methodology add that remarkable flourish when it comes to reputation but it also leads to fan base loyalty, customer acquisition, a higher flood of traffic to your door and fully charged sales.

While we like to think that advertising can do the legwork for us, it seems that influencer marketing is one of the major contributors to life in the fast lane for a luxury brand. JK Rowling, one of the world’s richest authors was asked which brand she liked best when it came to a cup of tea, she answered offhand on Twitter that she loved Lancashire Tea and hours later the revenue of the small tea company faced their biggest ever boom. The statement is simple; if we look up to people then we love to emulate their choices and if we trust their opinion we will want whatever they have.

Luxury brands should carefully monitor and engage with influencers that fit their field and partner with high-class marketing companies who have the right reach. When you extend the hand of your product to someone who holds pizazz and power over their audience, you can attract desired clientele into your world.